Synth Society Summit Starts Tonight! (May 21-May 23rd)

Friday and Saturday the summit is streaming on Southern Synth Society’s YouTube channel and on Sunday the Summit wraps up on Colorado Modular Synth Society’s YouTube Channel.

I made a playlist so you can see all the panels and performances. We are going to have a lot of panels focused on modular but also panels about video, diversity, and non-modular gear! Friday is all performances and throughout the weekend, there are more performances! Please drop in and join the chat!


Really looking forward to this! Last year’s Synth Society Summit was such a positive experience, especially in the thick of the pandemic - what a way to build community! I’m looking forward to the performances starting in a few minutes this evening!

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Thank you so much for sharing that. I hope you had a chance to see Friday night launch to the event. Today has lots of panels and good conversations ahead!

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