SynthFest|UK 2019 (October 5th, Sheffield)


Anyone else going? Tickets now available :slight_smile:

I bought tickets for my son and I - it’ll be our third visit…

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I keep meaning to go every year (only half hour away) so I’m going to try and make it this time :+1:

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Thanks for the heads up - might just go as it’s good to see it’s north of Watford!


Went in 2017 - great show - hoping to make it this year :+1:


Love it last year; won’t be missing it this year!


As a Canadian with friends in Sheffield, and who is very fond of synth gear, is SynthFest enough of an event to arrange travel/visit plans to include it? I’ve been meaning to attend one of these types of events (e.g. Moogfest), so this would be a first for me. Thanks kindly in advance for any thoughts/contributions!

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I thoroughly enjoyed last year - I got to play with gear I’ve never seen (and as a result am now vaguely obsessed with the ARP 2600 that I know I’ll never own), met fantastic people and heard some fascinating talks… and the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble was the cherry on the cake. All that said, I had to travel about 25 minutes down the road. Moogfest it ABSOLUTELY is not! If you’re coming over anyway, definitely include it, but if you are thinking of making plans specifically for Synthfest? It’s not THAT major.


Thanks so much for the info!

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My pleasure mate. What I would add, though, is that if you were coming for some of the wider events within the Sensoria Festival as well it might be more worthwhile. Last year BEAK> played on the Thursday, SensoriaPro was on Friday and Synthfest was on Saturday, followed by Will Gregory Moog Ensemble. As a 4 day event, it was superbly curated.


Aside from synthy type stuff, if you’ve not visited your friends in Sheffield before, it would also be a good place to explore the UK further (especially The North… which everyone knows is the best bit :wink:).

If you are the outdoors type you are close to the Peak District (on it’s doorstep in fact) and also close to the North Yorkshire Moors and Coast (my favorite part of the country :heart:).

If you are into cities York (really close), Leeds (again really close)+Edinburgh and London are all easily reachable on the train.

Peak District:

North Yorkshire Moors+Coast:


Robin Hoods Bay - great picture :+1:


I’m enjoying the Yorks love in here immensely


Wow. I’m an outdoors type, so these photos really appeal to me. Thanks for the extra information! Now, whether I can afford that much time to properly see things in October…


Beautiful pics!

Don’t forget Manchester and the Lakes… (I know, the other side of the Pennines!)

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How modular is the focus? I’m primarily a eurorack user though I like conversing and exchanging with just about anybody about tools and process. I do primarily love modular though and watching performances thereof.

It’s the day after my 40th birthday, wondering if I should put it in the frame as a birthday party idea.

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Sounds like a better plan than my 40th!


There’s lots of modular, definitely. The big manufacturers were represented in terms of stand alone synths, but I’d say it was more modular than anything else last time. I got to play around with lots of it and had no clue what I was doing, reducing each system to either horrible gristle or silence before moving away sheepishly. Brilliant! Also I fondled an ARP 2600 and now I feel slightly less complete for not having one

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If I’m not mistaken there is a modular meet.

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Bought my ticket

Looking forward to getting my hands on some kit I’d never normally have the chance to try (hoping there will be some Buchla there :sparkles:)

Some kind of lines meetup (and maybe a cheeky pint or two :grin:?) would be great.

@sarmism how could I forget the lakes! Spoiled for choice for beautiful scenery up’t North aren’t we!


I am strongly in favour of this!

EDIT: just bought my ticket too