Synthplex 2019: who all is going?

I have tickets to all the days i was just wondering who else would be attending. Maybe do a little mini meetup or something?

Whoever is going we need you to report on the Rossum Electro-Music Panharmonium (ht @b_w) :slight_smile:


a buddy of mine is exhibiting there and promised me a pass, so if that happens im definitely gonna swing by. probably tomorrow.

The expander for the Intellijel Tetrapad might also be on display there … and Expert Sleepers is releasing something new this weekend … woo.

heading out there in about an hour and im pretty excited! If anyone is around, id love to meet up.

I saw it yesterday it looks crazy

Heading out there in a little bit

Hey I know how it looks, I need to know how it sounds :smiley:


The textbook definition of cacophony. And it’s lovely!


the part where it follows the guitar solo in that prog/jazz fusion track is so cool!!

it was - and it looked super-cool. :slight_smile:

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the synth museum and getting to meet and chat a bit with Alan Howarth was cool.

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that was fun; though i wish some of the synths were in a better state of repair. i felt bad for the polymoog’s noise floor problems (think SoundBlaster ~1994), the skipping voices on the CS80, the dead channels on the poly oberheim eight-voice, etc. (The Jupiter 8 seemed to be in great shape, however.)

I did like how “wild” the CS80 felt. Like it had a mind of its own. I’d never played one live (only virtual and the Deckard’s Dream). The real one made me feel like it was one of Siegfried and Roy’s show cats. Trained to perform; it might do what you want (with coaxing) … or it might just try to kill you. Like an old Porsche without traction control on wet asphalt. An exciting beast to be reckoned with.

I also thought this was interesting - CV controlled LED light bar for your case:

I had a nice chat with Henry (Strange) at the show. The module version uses a Teensy 3.2. On my drive home I starting thinking about some Teletype Ops to control the light bar … should be doable if they aren’t using the primary i2c pins for input or output. If they are, one could always tap off of the pads on the bottom of the Teensy for the alternate ones. Anyway - I’ll let you guys know if anything comes of the discussion.