Synths in the Catskills: 8.26



Synths in the Catskills

Think ‘Modular on the Spot’, just not all-modular :wink:

The Beehouse
Jeffersonville, NY

Saturday, August 26, 2017
2:00pm - 10:00pm

Outdoor sets by Lines members @tehn, @stripes, @fourhexagons, along with Gen Ken, Sean Julian, and Chris Penalosa. That’s three monome users, plus a Buchla Easel and some other surprises.

Potluck dinner, late summer campfire vibes, and the option for overnight camping under the pines by the stream.

RSVP to attend:

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mid-week reminder! get your rsvp in, it’ll be a nice afternoon.


remembering how to play this stuff. tomorrow!


me too! :grinning: can’t wait!


wha…wha make boom noise good sound? (it’s probably three sis, pulsed with yr usual magic, but daaaaamn)


sending positivity and creative juice to you all

What are you listening to?

indeed 3sis pulsed by jf, treated with rip, mlrized


video by @fourhexagons






this is so good!!! :slight_smile:


I was seriously amazed while filming @tehn’s set. So. good.


Really stoked there’s some videos from this. Having a look now :smiley:


Any chance of a fall / winter show?


Seminal moment of my summer. Thanks again to all. So great to relisten!


stunning set

I also like his outfit


Yeah, that sweater really ties the room together.


I’m enjoying these so much. Thanks, everybody.