Synths in the Catskills: 8.26

Ooo, nice sweater. Iceland?

thanks for sharing these! lovely stuff all around.

if there’s such a thing as deepwoods classical folktronic, i think that brushes the edges of @tehn’s set. and: from the swirling choral waves of @stripes to @fourhexagons’ dark, pulsing rhythms, this is some wonderful, beautiful midnight music.


Wonderful performance! This is a type of music that I absolutely love, but never see outside of the context of synth-oriented communities. Can anyone point me to artists that create similar music? It somewhat reminds me of some of Nils Frahms work, but that’s about the extend of my knowledge in this direction. I wouldn’t even know what to search for :frowning:

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thanks all for listening! it was truly a magic (and freezing) night :smile: i would love to do this again sometime next summer.

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I watched @stripes’ and @fourhexagons’ sets streamed to my TV last night. Great sets with great quality audio and video. Looking forward to watching the rest of these sometime soon.


I’d be very into playing at monome hq if @tehn were to host such a thing.

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I’ve been looking for an excuse to visit forever. Would be a happy pilgrim.

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Hey awesome sounds! care to share your setup?

which VCOs were you using?

it’s an isms system. vco is mangrove. everything is monome + mannequins.