a synthesizer critter and chord sequencer.


synthy is a polyphonic synth composed of two saw-wave oscillators per note which are mildly chorused plus a pulse-wave sub-oscillator that responds with low-note priority as a monophonic bass.

synthy’s mind is its own and obeys an internal stochastic rhythm. synthy may decide to shrink or grow and when it does, it causes a global filter to close (when shrinking) or open (when growing). you can use E3 to manually take control, but after you stop turning E3 the synthy will revert to its own behavior after a certain time (available to change as a setting).

synthy’s body is modeled as six revolute joints which are kinematically re-positioned when moving with E2 or E3. the x- and y- flucuations from the kinematics of the body movement do detuning and tremelo respectively. the degree of modulation is available to change in parameters (“squishy detuning” or “squishy tremelo”).

plug in a midi keyboard to play synthy. if you don’t play any notes, synthy will try to help you out. synthy knows 1,000 chord progressions which can be recalled randomly with K2 and start/stopped with K3.


  • midi/jf/crow output from chord sequencer
  • what does E1 do?
  • fix :bug:


  • norns
  • any midi controller (optional)


  • E2 modulates flanger
  • E3 modulates lpf
  • K2 generates chords
  • K3 stops/starts chord sequencer

see PARAMS menu for more.

to use the gyroscope, open TouchOSC and under “Options” enable “Accelerometer (/accxyz)”. there is no specific TouchOSC template, any should work and send accelerometer data once that option is globally enabled. there is a parameter PARAMS > SYNTHY > gyro juice that affects how much the gyroscope affects things.


install with


that screen animation is awesome! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Freakin kewl dude!!! :sunglasses:

Is it possible to make it show its chords on the grid? 1 button = 1 chord? :frog:


He must be protected, for we luv heem


I love the way your mind works.

Thank you for this.


20 characters of thank youuuuuuuuu

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Your digits are truly infinite. This looks amazing!


this rules. just set it up to drone while i work on other stuff.

are all the random chord progressions 4 chords? is there a way to make them longer?


Perfect for my next Gelatinous Dungeon Synth album (o___ o )


yes all are four chords (four different chords)! no way to make them longer yet. I’ll be adding some more options for default chords.

in the meantime you can open maiden and type in chords you want, e.g.:

params:set("chordy_chords","Am/E Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Dmin7")

and then hit K3!


no grid yet! I’m open to ideas about grid implementations. I had actually thought along the lines you mention - having each key in a row correspond to the standard chord (I ii III IV V vi vii) and then pressing them across the columns to make a chord pattern. I like the idea of a chord sequencer since I don’t see them very often, but its also a bit tricky because chord-space is so big its hard to make a simple ui for it. another idea is something like the omnichord, where you can hold 2+ buttons down to make different additions to a chord.

thanks for the kind words @acajide, @marcus_fischer, @AmethystSeer, and @Justmat


i love both the idea of a chord sequencer and an omnichord-esque chord controller with grid. maybe you could do something that’s a mixture of the two, looping chords that you play in via omnichord mode?


Yeah totally get that. I have this app Klimper that makes chords and omnichord is also great. Maybe there is some way to feed synthy with existing chords? Like Moderat - Damage done chords. Almost like tabs for it. :thinking:

Such beauty and simplicity.

What a wonderful creature we get to spend time with.


@infinitedigits this is really beautiful, you have created something really inspiring.
I do like the idea of grid integration. But again Kudos, this is an amazing script.
Have been playing with most of the afternoon, these nice chords, in sun drenched Pasadena, California :slight_smile:

Thanks again for this contribution.


i can’t seem to play with midi… on the bright side, the chords sound lovely!

@infinitedigits I’ve been having the same problem with midi not working. Looks like its:

  for _,dev in ipairs(midi.devices) do

needs to be pairs instead of ipairs? Its one of those lua things I don’t quite understand but something along the lines of midi.devices not being indexed. The virtual device is always id 1 but if your midi controller is id 8 then it wont get included in ipairs.


version v0.1.1

  • bug fix: correctly connects to midi devices (thanks @tomw !), try now @static, it might work?
  • bug fix: sustain/sostenuto pedal works
  • ui: better flanger control
  • new feature: “groove” mode (an lfo on synthy’s form, PARAMS -> SYNTHY), demo:

thanks for the kind words @mrisney and @edrapley :slight_smile:

yeah I gotta think about the chord sequencer some more. it would be nice for instance to not name chords just play them into the sequencer…


Holy moly! Synth + goldeneye = instant bangers!!!

once again, @infinitedigits, I don’t know where you find the time and the inspiration but I’m sure glad that you do!

Some kind of grid input would be great, I’m that weirdo that has a grid but no usb midi controllers. Maybe some kind of split input? Top 4x16 chunk could be chords, bottom 4x16 could be a multi octave isokeyboard? (or 2 by 8x8 like plonky?)


What. A. Beaut!!! Work of art again, this community never ceases to amaze me. And thanks to Loopop’s video, this place about to get bigger!


first session with synthy turned into this… :stuck_out_tongue:
also running Cheat Codes 2 and OOOOOO

other noiz support from:
Herb & Stones Gentle Wham, Meng Qi Wing Pinger, Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus, Jomox Mbase11

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