Hi! Thank you for response! It seems like less release time is the solution. But I didn’t change any default settings… So is it normal behavior on the video? (Release time 5.0 s)

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That doesn’t sound normal to me. I’ve not had crackles when using the default behaviors. What kind of raspberry pi? Does it happen in any other scripts? Can you record that sound to tape and attach it? Do you have an adequate power supply?

There is my setup:

Raspberry pi 3b+
Power supply DC 5.0 V = 3.5A (not official)
SD card SanDisk Extreme PRO 32gb
Latest image (norns220306-shield-pi3-cs4270)

Same problem with Plonky + mx samples (when notes are overlapped)

Is it possible to add an LFO who send midi Cc to map this into the volume control of a synth ?

It could be very useful to have chords AND volume swell with synthy !!


I thought so, but apparently I forgot to put a amp control for this synth! one could be added here but would also need the “amp” function in the SuperCollider code to change this. its a really good first coding exercise if anyone is interested.

but…without editing the script I think that you can map a midi device to the volume of the engine through the parameters menu? that will allow you to modify the volume of the synth since it is playing through the engine.

I have only just realised what this means.

I am now getting synthy to play Wayne Shorter’s chord progressions from the Adam Neely’s video on his work.

Also it’s working with 9 chords in a sequence.