SZNYT! - voice, clarinet and synth


I would like to share with you recording of first rehearsal for project that I co-create with two other people. The recording was taken at the beginning of 2019, but was released yesterday. I wanted to try playing synths outside of more traditional (at least for me) electronic or jazz-rock music context so I was very happy to play with Ola and Michał who sing and play clarinet respectively.

Nothing was planned before hand we just pushed record and started to play, but despite this I feel like it ended up sounding rather coherent. From the technical side the synth was Moog Mother-32 and delay was EHX Memory Boy deluxe. Everything was recorded on single Zoom H2 recorder.
If you are interested about anything else about this project feel free to ask and please give it a listen :wink:


Thank you for sharing.
You should definitely keep recording!
Very nice atmosphere and the three “voices” set to complement each other quite well. Something earthy about it, like it could have been a track for Tarkovsky film. I also quite liked hearing the room/environment sounds. I wonder what would happen if the vocalist actually moved through space? It seems that a little bit of strategic movement with audible floor noises would enhance the performative quality which is there already.
Very cool stuff!

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Thanks and I am happy to hear that you liked it!
About the movement this is one of the things I would like to explore more. Michał is playing clarinet/bass clarinet without any processing so he actually often moves and explores the sonic possibilities of the room but Ola and me are both using external gear which restricts the movement. But we plan to experiment maybe with something like Kinect or Myoband to track Ola movement and make it affect the voice. On a similar topic which might interest you my friend once created a composition were audience was given headphones and experienced sound from the perspective of actor/dancer who was followed by musicians through the whole room where the show was taking place and the effect was really nice (


Thank you for this, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Bass clarinet FTW!!!

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I agree :wink: I was thinking today about which instruments I would choose if I would have to pick two to learn and use them rest of my life and I came to conclusion it would probably be piano and clarinet/bass clarinet (instead of my current combo of guitar and synths).
I think one of the reason why I like wind instruments is that because people need to breath to make any sounds it makes the phrases flow much more natural and close to how people speak. But of course this is not given, and when I shared my opinion with Michał and contrasted this with how guitarists tend to go overboard and play a million notes because they don’t need to take pauses to breath he told me with a evil gleam in his eye that he learned circular breathing technique so he also doesn’t need to take pauses :wink: