T Putnam Hill – Fairfield [Loma Editions / Earl Heath Collection]

Hey, y’all.

I wanted to share with you a CD-R I recently released for a tour this past August in Chile and that I’ve now put out as part of Loma Editions’ Earl Heath Collection, a sort of sub-label series of Loma Editions for super short-run and/or handmade quick hits. (And when I say CD-R, I mean it: big box store-bought CD-Rs labeled with permanent marker in my terrible handwriting; black and white artwork laserjet-printed on standard printer paper; just like the old noise days.)


The heart of the disc is an 11-minute improvisation for objects I recorded for La Experimental Experience, curated by Productora Mutante for Experimental Sound Studio’s Quarantine Concerts series on August 13, 2022. Shoutout to @speakerdamage for the tunnels script, which really was my duet partner for the piece. You can view the video of that performance here:

The other two tracks are assemblages of environmental recordings and digital processing.

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for two more releases coming to Loma Editions on November 4 (and I promise, they’re beautifully designed and packaged, unlike this here Fairfield release):

  • Dryfall, part audio diary, part field recording assemblage by West Texas-based musician Andrew Weathers.

  • La 4ta Ola, a collection of four blazing yet artfully constructed tracks and the first professionally recorded studio album by long-running Chilean free improvisation group Colectivo NO.

They will be available at lomaeditions.bandcamp.com.

This coming year is gonna be good (within the confines of my enjoyment of releasing music—can’t speak for much else).


hell yes! great performance. those sound sources are perfect for that script - I basically built/tested it using a contact mic and whatever was nearby. will be grabbing a digital version shortly!


Right on! Much appreciated. And thanks again for the script. It’s absolutely awesome.

And don’t buy it! (Check your DMs momentarily.)

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