Takeout - Scenes I (Beach)

I recently released my first project with my new label, Earth Tones. It can be viewed/listened/purchased here: https://earthtones.bandcamp.com/releases

The project was made mostly with Synthstrom Deluge, Eurorack (MI, MN, Xaoc, 4ms and others) all multitracked with an ES-9. Tracks 3 and 4 are based around loops created on Norns using the always incredible Compass script. The goal of the project was to create music that fit a distinct theme (in this case, a vacation to Cape Cod, hence the title “Beach”), while also evoking a specific sense of place. Field recordings from that vacation are interspersed throughout the album—midnight waves on Nauset Light beach, crowds of sunbathers, armies of crickets.

I had a lot of fun making this release, and it was my first using eurorack modular. Central to the production was a new technique—arranging recorded sequences and samples in Ableton Live, and then “gluing” them together with existing material and field recordings using Clouds and Mimeophon as send effects. I hope you enjoy listening! I’m planning to do a tape release once I can gather the funds.


absolutely lovely. a very “dreamy” quality to the music. i love the sounds you got out of compass and the incorporation of field recordings! thanks for sharing.


@takeout I’m so sorry I missed this! Very, very much looking forward to listening — the preview track sounds gorgeous!

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Really enjoying this release so far - great work!

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