parameter locking step sequencer

Takt is a parameter locking step sequencer, inspired by Elektron boxes.
For now it is using Ack engine by @jah


  • Independent lengths / time dividers per track
  • Per step time dividers / retrigs
  • Song mode


  • sampling with softcut
  • timestretching
  • ?


Norns 2.0, grid 128




v1.0.0 - Download zip


cant try the app yet but your manual is too perfect not to applaud!

if you wanna share tips on how you integrated the visuals (here or another thread) i’d love to learn


Holy shit, @glia isn’t lying, great work on the visuals @its_your_bedtime!


thank you so much for kind words!

which ones?


the grid ui w/ shading
the norns screencap and corresponding text graphic

vaguely recall blank templates for monome docs floating around but not sure if thats what you used

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Would love to see a spinoff thread on documentation of scripts. I’ve been toying with the idea of a fill-in-the-blanks web app with a similar visual style to the templates/these docs


@its_your_bedtime this looks amazing. I can’t try it yet either, but can’t wait. WOWZERS!


whoa!! @its_your_bedtime did you use the png export functions to do those screen grabs?


Excellent docs indeed by @its_your_bedtime The screen shots look like they are digital images taken with a camera or phone.


Exactly, screencap was taken on phone, and i redrawn grid from smth like kria manual using sketch
Now i need to update it with properly made screenshots)


@its_your_bedtime, line 23 should now be:
local Ack = require "ack/lib/ack"

I love this script btw, thank you!


that’s great stuff! thank you! :slight_smile:


Is there a way to rename the save when in the persistence screen?
I tried to highlight the 1:UNTITLED name and none of the buttons or encoders seem to enter into another state to change the name. I checked out the docs but can’t seem to get it to work.
It is awesome to be able to save the patterns created into the data folder though! killer work BTW - Takt is rockin it!

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Thanks for report, its fixed now. Glad you like it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome, thanks for jumping on that so fast!
Would it be difficult to have a pattern sequencer record the changes to the patterns or map them to midi cc?
I was thinking about making some longer sequences or complete songs from the bank of patterns.
Again, it’s an awesome script.