Got a new grid (variable brightness!!) and I have loved getting more time with Takt and all of its information.

I was looking at the suggested potential add ons and one is like to see is an option for gating the sound. Currently, the release is (naturally) sloped. It would be cool to be able to put a gate as a (lockable?) parameter, that would give extra chances to bring tape recordings in and yet keep a very tight, rigid feel.

Another would be true pitch/semi tone control, like was mentioned above. I guess the timber engine would allow for this in a whole new way.

I also agree with the swing and higher resolution start option…

All of these would just be icing on the cake. I’m very excited to see any potential changes in the future.


this seems to be broken with the new update. is this true for anyone else. :wink:

I actually haven’t had any issues with it on the newest update… what is maiden telling you at boot? What part of it is ‘broken?’

I know I’ve made a lot of requests in this previous post, but a ‘reverse sample’ parameter would also be cool! Jeez, I’m starting to realize that instead of asking everyone for these things, I should maybe just start to learn coding.


Really enjoying this script!! One of the reasons I built Fates, to try and keep me from buying a Digitakt and instead working on an interface with Grid and Arc.

Just wondering if the switch to Timber engine had been thought about in the previous months?

Was going to look into it myself over the coming month or so, as well as Arc control.
Just new to the Norns engine structure, is the delay and reverb send per voice a feature of the Ack engine? Playing around with Timber im liking the modulation options and but missing the effects that Takt has.

really finally dug into the script tonight…
this is TAKT warped through BOUNDS.



cant seem to clock this externally anyone else having problems? :thinking:

ok added this after line 332 and it seems to work

local counter = beatclock.new()
local counter_midi = midi.connect()
counter_midi.event = function(data)

also how would i go about adding this feature… to have the sequencer start at position 1 after a stop/start

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I can’t answer your current questions ueation, instead I can only thank you for the work you’ve done in the midi clock in. I’ve been wanting that! Please post any other conclusions you might have in regards to what you’ve asked, re: start/stop.

Hi @its_your_bedtime,

Any plans to make this crow compatible?


dont have one, sorry. also all my modular stuff, except RIP (heh) is sold (for now)


massive takt update

  • microtiming (16 steps, each with 15 substeps, 256 total)
  • new UI
  • new engine - Timber (by @markeats)
  • sampling

new version is in main takt branch,
takt v.1 with ack engine can be found in “old” branch

restart required after installation


15 characters of !!!


I’ve been following on ig for a bit, but seeing all of the screenshots together…this is one of the most creative - and beautiful - uses of the norns screen I’ve seen so far :clap: Can’t wait to try it out (finally!)


He went and did it!!! This is absolutely HUGE! Thank you so much for this update!


holy crap this looks incredible! massive thank you!

This is really great, @its_your_bedtime
I just got lost in clicks and cuts madness. Thanks so much.
Two things:
it would be great if the saving dialogue would give the latest opened file, eg when I recall newwwy the save dialogue would show that filename (or save changes?) instead of new, I see myself ending up with loads of files or I will learn to be more disciplined about saving.

Also, the highpass filter is broken?

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thanks for all kind words!!

yep, i’ll think about ui for sample saving
hipass just have inversed controls for cutoff, will get to this too)

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for those of us without experience with the other hardware “-takt” any suggestions for where to read up on it?

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The best way to explain it (without further reading in to the devices this takes inspiration from) is that this is a step sequencer with 7 potential layers. Each layer is loaded with a sample of varying length of your choosing (not sure if this holds for this version, but the old one had this). Each step trigger you place has its own set of parameters, such as start point, end point, envelope, pitch and more. You can set parameters for each step, allowing for a multitude of effects to the same sample being different on each trigger. Finally, you can lock some global parameters and have others be effected across the board, hence the term ‘Parameter Locking Sequencer”

I know this isn’t a full readme like you would desire, but I hope this gets you started in the right direction.


Also, on the grid, bottom row left most is play/stop, 5th from left gets you to the sample/track window, 7th to the sampler, 9th to the patterns. I am unsure how to chain patterns, maybe 15 and 16 are used for that. I need to check the original takt thread maybe. Unless someone knows and answers here.
Erm,… this should help!