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I am hoping this thread focused on the TAL Sampler will be ok to break out of plugins worth buying.
What i am planning to do is to build a 20 preset patch set that covers: Moog, ARP, Sequential, Roland, Serge and Oberheim synth patches. I thought it would be cool to share them and shape them into a nice set that can be freely shared for folks interested in simulations of these old gems.

I guess the only pre-requisite would be installing the plugin and a DAW or computer to run on it.

I have shepherded and saved literally 10GB of soundfonts over the past 22 years and i hav esome Gems that sound as good as any commercial pack I’ve purchased and TAL has a few mechanisms – that i am still getting a handle on as i am new to this software, to flesh them out. So i thought the combination of a few more seasoned users and a host of historical data might provide some new sonic tools for everyone to use or consider



i am just starting but can someone who is a TAL sampler user besides myself please check to see if this works in their sampler?
0 Jupiter8 Filter Swel.talsmpl (4.8 MB)

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I work with TAL and was heavily involved (and still am) in the development of the Sampler, I’ve released a bunch of sample/patch packs for it too. If there’s anything I can do to help I will spare what time I can.
The one thing I haven’t really done is import soundfonts but from all accounts it should work just fine, I’m certainly able to help shape the patches after the import is done. I’ll take a look at the J8 patch you shared.


thank you!
it is super basic mainly i am hoping it makes sound similar to a J8 Filter

Hey ! It does ! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you. It’s just a test but that’s really what I needed to get started in earnest so I appreciate the reply.

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I just wanted to say I am excited to give those patches ago and share some I’ve made when I get I get some time. Thanks for thinking to start this!

Did you ever manage to get more of these done?