Tap Tempo with Monome Modules

Is there a way of getting tap tempo with any of the monome modules? I suppose not, but I thought I ask, nevertheless, in case there is and I’m just missing something very obvious.

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All i can think of is a combo of WW and TT.

White Wale? How? Aren’t its outputs necessarily in line with its internal clock? Or as part of the new alternative firmware? I would have thought more like Earthsea and Teletype, but then I need to write the scripts first… And if I remember correctly, according to some Mutable Instruments discussion, it’s not so easy to do, at least not an accurate guessing of the tempo… Like in their Peaks.
Basically, I have been considering Make Noise’s new Tempi module, but I’m reluctant due to its U.K. price, the fact that I don’t have space for it, and the thought that in a way I already got enough modules in my system to do something similar. From what I got, I can do tap tempo with Peaks and Modcan’s Quad LFO, but I thought I should also be able to do it with Monome.

If you want to use your grid only, i would try tap tempo with a live trigger input on the WW, sent to the TT calculating the tempo and then sending a clock back.
Did not try, though. Just an idea.

I see. I’ll try that. Thanks for the idea. I was also thinking Meadowphysics, that it’ll be great if there was a way that I could tap tempo for each row, or at least the first row. Obviously, after tap tempo each row, there might not be much else to do with MP, but then I could switch to WW and ES.

exactly my thought after seeing tempi Meadowphysics firmware mod ideas

I think it would indeed be awesome to add a tap tempo function…
but it always would be a different thing than tempi is (at least with the current functionality of MP), as the rows of MP by design are divisors of the master clock. tempi can be divisor or multiplier.

tehn’s work with kria seems promising in that direction, since he mentioned somewhere the effort to make individual timers work. wondering if MP could handle 8 of those. this begs for a MP hack, or an alternative firmware altogether.

Ah, yes, sorry I missed your posts. I understand it wouldn’t (and it couldn’t) be the same as Tempi, but it would be great to have have the possibility of doing something like it with the grid. In a way, I’m a bit surprised it is not currently possible to do some tap tempo with MP, or at least not so evident as I thought it could be.