Tape Gear!


https://www.recordingthemasters.com/store/audio-cassettes/fox-c60-type-1/ not out yet but i saw these come up elsewhere


the standard these days is whatever people can get. As far as I know even at duplication companies a lot of ‘new’ cassettes and blank tape stock these days is new-old-stock


The company we use to make our tape releases told me the chrome tape stock is going to run out in the first half of next year (that’s NOS reels of tape for being loaded into shells, recorded or blank).
If you can find chrome tapes for sale, and want them, I would recommend buying a bunch asap!


just dropped a Nagra iii off at the local shop, should be a couple months but i’m reel excited :slight_smile:


Is it possible to 3D print a 1/4" cassette splicing block?


Does anyone know if there’s a huge difference between the Tascam 414 and the 414 mkII?


I think the big difference is that the 414 has no XLR inputs or dedicated guitar input


sure! the texture from the 3d printing process might make it a little weird but I don’t see why you couldn’t.




sadly this is for the DP-03 digital multitrack recorder, which isn’t the Porta 03 tape recorder.
in fact I managed to get hold of a manual, my plan is to scan it and upload it a little later.


Ah flip sorry I thought it was that one. Thats my go to site for old manuals.


Don’t suppose you’ve got the etsy link for this? Can’t seem to find it



20 characters of thanks!


re: chrome tape supply. I’ve been buying large numbers of once-used chrome tapes off ebay for very reasonable prices and taping over them. Last month I got 44 early 80s maxell XLs for $20, for instance. lightly used tapes work just as well imo. and in this case there were some taped-from-the-radio-35-years-ago mingus sets that we’re keepers.


You have me nostalgic now for that taped-off-the-radio sound. Gonna have to dig out my Fall peel sessions tapes, or my mixing it tapes.


Anyone here knows what to do if a tape deck is playing with unstable speed?
I own a Yamaha KX-690. Soundwise it’s great, I bought it used a few years ago. Since the beginning, I experienced speed dropouts.
And just can’t get it done that a recorded video of my jam session and the tape recording are in sync, the tape is always slower than my video.


You might want to look into replacing your belts here. They might all be worn out and loose and wobbly which can result in unstable speed issues with any recorder/player…


if it’s not belts it might be some old capacitors that are failing (but belts are probably more likely)


ooo - open question - where do people go for part replacements?