Tape Gear!


https://fixyouraudio.com/ - Ive bought belts off these guys.

https://www.ebay.ie/str/wsp - Ive bought belts off this guy too really helpful man.

https://speakerrepairshop.nl/index.php?action=home&lang=EN#.XAwtHnWeSV4 - Ivew used these guys for speaker repair.


I love that the Amulets video made an appearance in this thread. I’ve honestly lost count of the number of people I’ve directed towards that YouTube clip!


Fun fact: Amulets got his inspiration from Alessandro Cortini when he saw this video from Sonic State: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMXEvNUjgCg (look at the top comment on that video for more info)


Ah, that’s amazing - I love Alessandro! The video where Nick B visits his studio is incredible. Such an inspiring guy


Has anyone ever owned or used a Teac A-6300 reel to reel? About to buy one tomorrow and starting to have second thoughts. It’s apparently fully serviced and looks very clean. $450. Thoughts?


I have owned one for a few years.Lots of fun.
If it is in good condition I say go for it


I got it and so far it’s pretty amazing! The quality is better than I was expecting. I almost want to master my tracks with it.

I have one question for you though. When you play your tapes in reverse are you hearing full volume sound? I expected this to be the case but I can hardly hear anything when I play in reverse. Same for fast reverse. It’s not a necessity for me but when I say that reverse button I thought it would be a great option to have.