Tape Gear!

I just recently got into tapes and i love the foxtex x28 like so much… it has so much connectivity and the extra mixer section really kills it, also preamps sounds really intense when overdrived…

i wanted to share this sound, just recorded a take here…
recorded the plinky on 2 tracks in normal speed, pitched it down and run it through plinkies shimmer reverb 100%, pitched it up again and played it along the live bd from model samples, running the whole mix through shimmer again with overdrive, creating a feedback…



Interested but the link doesn’t work for me

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Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread. I have spent quite a while working my way through it and there is a wealth of knowledge here.

I have just picked up a tascam 414 mk2 which I am very excited about! I am really excited to see how i can integrate it into my live and recorded processes. I have also picked up a bunch of 2nd hand ‘used once’ type II cassettes to start playing with. I was surprised at how expensive these go for.

So my questions are:

  • if i am making tape loops with an experimental/noisy mindset, will type I cassettes be just fine?
  • Or can i put type II tape into type I cassettes? Then i could make a whole bunch of looping cassettes from 1 type II cassette. I understand there is a notch in the back of the cassette that tells the player which bias/EQ to use.
  • am i overthinking things and i should just try some things out and see what happens!?!

So my questions are:

yes, yes and yes


haha - ok thank you :smile:

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Looks very nice! Do you perhaps have scematics or build instructions for this? I got my tapedeck modified with a PWM pitch control, but would love to build in a cv input as well. Hope you can help me in the right direction :wink:

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Where are you located? Someone here might be able to suggest a place to have it worked on.

Thank you very much !
I didn’t took notes for the modification, and it is different for every brand, I modified that one and another I tried different things. Sadly I sold them, so I can’t help you precisely…
I have two other from Sony but I am stuck so I have to scratch my head a bit more.


wild performance here from Valerio Tricoli (2017)

revox b77 as instrument, plus what looks like some ppooll use too :slight_smile:


Thanks. I googled for cv on tape decks and it got me further. I’ve got several decks laying around. I hope I get one working with the cv.

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Sorry, this was a while ago… i put it down cause i felt like confusing my arts world audience on my other account

and i made this new acc just for random gear clips

sooo, reposting this just for you :slight_smile:

fostex x 28 plinkly and model samples

I recently rescued a Sony TC-W490 from my parents’ house and replaced the belts to get it functioning again. It’s a dual-deck but neither side has 3-heads, so I don’t think it’s useful for setting up tape loops.

Other than just recording audio or dubbing over and over again to get some tape generation loss, are there other experiments I can try?

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had this exact deck when I was a kid

don’t need three heads to do tape loops, they will go just fine in this deck. plus you can play two at once


It was at my parents’ house when I was a kid, but I didn’t pay it much attention as I had their older tape/vinyl combo player in my room.

I didn’t know it could play cassettes on both decks at the same time. I’ll have to try that!

If I’m understanding correctly I still need 3 heads if I wanted to to do tape delay loops, right?

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oh, yeah. if you want to do delay I believe you would need 3 heads. still tho, regular loops are great


You can always use two open-ended tapes, record on one and play on the other one :wink: You have four heads there, after all!

I do that with a cheap-ass portable recorder and walkman.


This is quite a fascinating presentation of a very particular computer-controlled reel-to-reel - somewhat unique and very Hainbach!


A question regarding Yamaha MT4X: When playing one side of tape (channel 1 and 2), the sounds from other side (channel 3 and 4) would leaks a little. Those leaked channels are switched off and fader are off too.

Is it a common issue or just mine?

The head probably needs azimuth adjustment.


Any opinions on most repairable cassette 4-track? Portastudios seem to be most popular so I assume parts are more available but I could be wrong. I’m fairly technical so I’m ok with getting something that requires maintenance but am looking to avoid buying something that breaks and then parts not being available.

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