Tape Gear!


I’m looking for one also. There must be someone around that does this.


cryptic carousel used to sell them - maybe reach out and see if they’re doing another batch? https://store.crypticcarousel.com/collections/musical-instruments-and-electronics/products/pitch-modified-gpx-cassette-walkman-selectable-photocell-knob-control-cv-input

or DIY is pretty simple!


Thanks, yea that’s who I remember, I actually sent an msg over to ask if there was any more coming. Will post here if they get back to me


Here is my DIY voltage-controlled tape player…

2 terminals of the 3.5mm jack are soldered to the pot that controls the playback speed of the deck…


Working on something similar myself for use with the DC output on a Koma Field kit. I’d like to be able to use the machine to play both cassette tape loops and unmodified cassettes. The difference being that for the loops, the capstan will be doing all the work while, for the regular cassettes, the spindle and the captstan will work together.

With that in mind, I am looking to use a modification that will affect the entire motorised circuit. From my research so far, this technique seems to be the way to go, however one thing I am insure of is, if I use this method, will the cv supplied control the entire walkman or will i also need to power it with batteries?

Any advice or findings would be great!



does anyone have an opinion of the Nagra E? it looks like it was made mostly for reporters in the field and only has a single recording speed (7.5 ips), but I figure it could still be an interesting recorder for music.


Does anyone know if the Akai X-150D Reel-To-Reel is any good?


Recently i found in my father’s painting studio this grundig tk248 hifi.

Do you guys know anything about it? I really don’t know if i should keep it or sell it to someone that will actually use it to create something amazing.


Would love some help. Bought this Sony TCM-5 and it doesn’t play audio. I’ve followed the usual instructions and this is the situation:

Tape head is very clean and lifts and contacts the tape when play is engaged
The mechanics work, the tape plays, backwards, forwards, ff, rw etc
When playing, there’s an audible hiss but I can’t hear the material on the tape.
I tried to record something on it with a line in to a blank tape but nothing played back.

I’m told it’s a mono player. I’m using normal cassette tapes - even if the audio on them doesn’t play as intended I’m sure I should hear something.
Google and YouTube lead me to the clean the tape head/change the belts type solutions. Maybe someone here can diagnose the problem?


Sony 6, Olympus 3, Sanyo 3, Fisher-Price 1


Does your Fisher Price work? I got one recently and it is unbelievably warbly. Wondering if there’s any way to open and replace belts. Nice collection!


yes its in fine mono health, so I have never needed to opend it up. personally I would embrace the warbly-ness.

i am most proud of the last sanyo-the silver one as it is mini casssette and not micro cassette.

I want to get a few more of the flat cassette type - all playing lectures from my collection of open university tapes.


This is my favourite piece of gear during the Last year or more…really inspiring to work with! Love it! :heart_eyes_cat:


Now that makes me jealous!


mono being single channel, all it takes to stop playing is for the connection between the back of the head and the preamplifier stage to be severed, and, depending on your luck, you might get either complete silence, or a lot of brownish noise. could be a simple fix if it’s that.


Oh sounds interesting thanks. Would a visual change inspection be able to determine this?


could be; i’m not familiar with this particular model though you should expect to have to open it to assess. a simple example below. check each wire for continuity (e.g. both ends of red; same w/ white)


Where do you find these things?! I’ve kept my eyes out in charity shops and tat markets for years but so far had no luck. Is it all online?


I just bought a PMD-222.
Do have a link for info on the pitch mod you did? I can only find info for the mod done on the PMD-221 - and from what I understand the PCB’s are different between those models.



you only need to look closely at the pictures of the cuts to be made on the pcb. one trace cut, one solder joint. very very easy.