Tape Gear!



you only need to look closely at the pictures of the cuts to be made on the pcb. one trace cut, one solder joint. very very easy.


completely bizarre Chinese language learning tape player/recorder/dictaphone, with built in lofi digital loop sampler w. stepped speed-pitch control! It can sample from the internal mic or from the actual tape in which case you can trick it into sampling pause-button slowdown dropouts too :slight_smile:

Got two of these in a group by on some harsh noise forum years ago, so much fun.


These kind of DC motor speed controller module things are dirt cheap on ebay china / aliexpress and a lot of fun for wonky speed control analog vaporwave: get some cheap walkman/tapedeck, adjust any internal speed adjustment trimmer pot inside it to as fast as it goes (so you can speed tapes up a tiny bit as well as mostly slowing down) then clip the leads to the motor and screw into the terminals of this: