Tape Gear!


Any idea if there is similar info for modifying a pmd430?


Hello tape lovers. I picked this Yamaha MT1X up from Goodwill today. It powers up but the play head is jammed in the up position. I would probably pay to have this serviced but there is no one in Flagstaff that services this kind of thing. Does Anyone have any recommendations on any great techs that I could send it to perhaps?


Oh man, I used to have one of those… with the MIDI sync attachment! If memory serves, I bought it off @taylor12k in the mid 90s - probably via the AH or Looper’s Delight mailing list…


Sweet! I take it you sold it then? Looks like originally they came with some fun extras for field recording and the midi sync you mentioned.

I got the playhead unjammed. It plays now but FF and RW are not functioning. Baby steps.


So the power supply I got with my 414 is not the correct one, anybody here with one can tell me what it needs? It seems to be 12v 1A, center negative…


Hi, 12V, tip negative, 650 mA on the one that came with it. Hope that helps!



anybody used these before?


very impressed with loop times. will personally take all measures to get my fiddly fingers away from DIY activities so they look like a pretty attractive solution to me


I haven’t used those specific ones but I have a lot that are that same type. Just be sure they don’t have the silver tape splice (that tells the cartrage player when to stop) because it will result in a gap in your loop.


Any experiences or opinions on the Tascam Portastudio 488 and the Tascam 133? Both just showed up listed.


I have some of this tape loops and they work as expected.

There’s an audio gap when you stop the recording, but if you cover the erase head of your deck with a little bit of tape it will disappear and you’ll have a seamless loop :wink:


nice, nice.

can anyone think of any good 2-track cassette decks with two speeds? any of the marantz machines seem to do it but they’re a little bulky for just cassette machines. looking for mid-crap quality. three heads would be nice but not for my wallet.


OH MAN THAT’S WHAT THAT IS. galaxy brain
i’ll have to try the tape on erase head trick for sure!


I’ve always wanted to put out an endless loop tape (of my own music or of others), but it would end up being…like a 100 dollars for a run of 10 and I don’t want to charge $10 for a tape.


Getting more serious about loop attempts. (Found this wood splicing block on Etsy for $13)


Amulets managed to do it with handmade loops


Splicing tape on the backside of the tape, cut using the 45 degree angle on the splicing block, measuring 23.5 CM from tip to tip, looped around both reels worked out really well. I tried taping over the erase head and that works great as well! Happy with these results!


Sony TC-630 D has built in delay and feedback routing!


Oh that’s fantastic! The gear and the piece!


I’ve never had much luck with splicing blocks and just cut the tape with scissors and stick it back together on my fingers.