Tape Op interview with Taylor Deupree


my conversation with taylor deupree of 12k is out in this month’s tape op. thought maybe some lines folks would be interested, as we discuss modular, mastering, minimalism, running a record label, and more.


(note: this was actually part 2 of a longer conversation, the first part of which can be found here: http://josephbranciforte.com/taylor-deupree-tinymixtapes.html)



Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, looking forward to the extended cut.

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@kirklandish cool… thanks for reading!

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I saw this issue in a bookstore earlier this week and got it since I saw Nils Frahm was featured (also a great interview!).

this interview was an awesome bonus, especially having lines members both asking and answering, and I happened upon it while reading on @Dan_Derks couch which must be some sort of lines magic :sunny: :mage:

Thanks @josephbranciforte & @taylor12k!



That was a really nice reading, thank you for sharing Joseph :slight_smile:

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Thank you, these were great

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Great read! thank you so much.

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Will this make the podcast? It’s my favourite show



Got this in the mail a few days ago. (My first paper copy of Tape-Op!)



Great stuff! Thanks!

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I’ve read them this morning! Very cool, thanks! :slight_smile:

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A really insightful read, thank you so much!

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Got my first ever paper copy waiting for me in Seattle while I’m on a US vacation. Looking forward to kicking back with a nice brew and reading this.



just received my copy in the mail and loved the piece, nice work! just wish they had printed more photos of what sounds like a gorgeous woodland studio!