Tapes for mates 05 - Looking back to go forward

I learned a few years back that I still needed to create and understand more about the music I created back in the '90s. I think this time was an interesting one for many of the reasons you see commonly documented, well at least in the documentation of the time, more recent discussion tends to lean more towards nostalgia which personally I’m not too interested in.

I guess through following electronic music mainly for the purpose of understanding and creating it, as it shifted, I shifted with it. In my case, this was moving from Warp into more laptop glitch, Clicks & Cuts, early 12k, early Mille Plateaux, etc. The realization I have discovered in more recent years, is perhaps I missed many creative avenues when I shifted. What could that music sound like if further explored?

I think with how music is experienced today, with less scene or collective exploration and more separate unique experiences, this is possibly why I feel this exploration is more possible. Also probably more years on me helps begin to understand this stuff.

The Tapes for mate Bandcamp, really is a sort of public sharing and place to put what would have, and still is, the sharing of recent tracks with mates. A collection of what I have been up to more recently. I think it some cases I have got it right, when it’s more simple and less curated, and other times it feels like a release of sorts, which I think in future I will steer away from. But then it’s really down to the listener what it is, and how they get it. This is more for my own thinking.

Anyway, lots of thinking around this to be had and could kick off with some thoughts but want to leave it open and see where it goes and this has been a bit of a brain dump to begin to get into it more.


This music sounds cool to me. Thanks for sharing it out.

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No worries, glad you are enjoying it @mrsoundboyking :nerd_face:

Honestly, as somebody who was profoundly affected by that period (and even more so by the Miami IDM era of Chocolate Industries, Schematic, Merck etc) I feel that this is a very valid question across the board. That whole sound gave way to other sounds and ultimately disappeared but where could it have gone if the key exponents of it had continued to explore that terrain? The number of times I nagged Edgar PBO about his unreleased material - both solo and Ko-Wreck Technique - became absurd and he was far from the only one.

Putting that tangent to one side: I liked this. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Wow almost entirely forgot about Ko-Wreck Technique, classic.
It really shows how valuable support is needed around creativity, but also framing what is the purpose of it all, is it sharing, selling, connecting, building? I think that’s definitely something that has gone under question in more recent times, seemingly driven more by social media platforms or similar, or patterns of behavior coming from this technology. It always seems so far away from what was present in that music and what surrounded it.
It definitely felt the focus was really music, what music could do, where it could take you, and connectivity through music.
The intent and what seems promised as a result seems very different today than how I remember this being in the 90’s, with exploration and questions of a medium seemed at a high, with today it seems more about entitlement and gain through the medium.
I was reminded of this UK documentary recently, and watching it again with today’s eyes, t really shows how much there has been a shift and the general motivations, discussion points, mindset, is very different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ngaSb3TfFU&feature=youtu.be