Tech Support request - grid not detected

Basic tech support needed:

A couple days ago my (2011?) Walnut 40h grid stopped being detected by any monome apps. I tried the basic apps from the Monome package in Maps and a couple of rodrigos. The grid simply does not show up in the drop down. It powers on when plugged in.
I have tried:
reinstalling serial OSC (
reinstalling max.
Updating to latest Max OSX (Sierra).

I am running a Mac mini 2011, OSX Sierra. Max 7.31 (trying 7.33 now), SERIAL OSC 1.4

As far as I know, there wasn’t a system update before the grid stopped showing up.

Feel free to direct me towards other threads - thanks in advance!

was this literally working one day, not the next?

with the grid plugged in, open a terminal and type:

ls -lrt /dev/ | grep usb

what comes back?

crw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel 19, 1 May 2 07:18 cu.usbserial-m64-0489
crw-rw-rw- 1 root wheel 19, 0 May 2 07:18 tty.usbserial-m64-0489

This is what I get - thanks for your quick response Tehn.

Yes, day before, works fine - also i have never had any issues on a system getting the grid connected before.

One day, it no longer appears - as a side note, the drop down menu in the apps I am use to seeing has also disappeared.

Thank you!

this looks like you have the wrong serialosc.maxpat being found in your max search path.

you’ll want to locate all the extra serialosc.maxpat files on your computer-- i might suggest renaming them (ie, xserialosc.maxpat)

the one file you want to remain named serialosc.maxpat is inside the Max 7 application folder.

Awesome - that worked, Thanks! Final question:

is there a way to permanently change the orientation of the grid? I have mine in an enclosure that forces the usb to be North from the user. Some apps dont seem to have a way to change the orientation in program.

Hello Brian,

This is Kedaar (Indian dude) from the Voltage Connect Conference at Berklee College of Music. How do you do? So we have a number of the 128 grids (2015 model, I believe?) here that both faculty and students use and so far we have had zero issues with any of them but just recently, one of the grids stopped working entirely. It won’t turn on when plugged in and I’ve tried on several different machines. I’m the Equipment Room Supervisor for the Electronic Production Dept here at Berklee so I’m reaching out to you to see how we can get this bad boy back up to speed. I fear that it might be have to be sent in to get fixed and I’m not sure if/what your statute of limitations is for the different instruments that you make but Berklee definitely wants to get it fixed before the Spring 2018 semester so if you have any insight or could lead me in the right direction for troubleshooting, shipping+repair costs, etc, I’d be ever so grateful. My email here at the school is if it’s not too much trouble to get back to me via that email address. Thanks for your time.