Techniques for generating clicks, pops, hiss and noise

I used Automatonism, modular patch in Pure Data for generating clicks, pops, hiss, blips, and noise.
Only used basic waveform : sine, tri, saw, and pulse.

After I recorded it (live), then I use it for sound compositions (minimal approach):


Your best bet is really a number of Youtube videos.
Akira describes The Lobster Quadrille in his own way in the description of this video, here is a video by someone else.
I like Faltung in Zeit a lot.
Recently Akira added a new feature but it gives me a bit trouble on my 13" screen, probably need to go to fullscreen mode to access all menues. He explains it in this video.


Velvet noise… so luxurious!

I had a go at making this in Max, but just by going on your descrption:

Not sure if this is correct or not:

I’m comparing the output of a random~ at signal rate, turning that into 0/1 against a set point. Then another random~ takes any 1’s and either flips them between 0 and -1 or keeps them positive.

Velvet…maxpat (6.1 KB)

Can anyone comment on whether this is technically correct or not? Any other ways to do this?

EDIT: just realised that random~ is part of the PeRColate library - from the package manager

I have a work in progress in norns using Dust2.
Just needs a filter for some added control over the sound.


Ive had some luck in the past using an ADDAC 601(?) filter bank to do this. Ill turn all the bands down, patch the output to the input and then start using one band’s envelope out to another’s VCA in – different combos of low bands triggering high bands can give nice crackles, for instance! You just have to dial the feedback in JUST right so you get a chaotic environment instead of semi-stable feedback.

Here’s an old video from a bygone era where I’m doing this!

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might be hard to find but the Noise Reap Flux is a unique noise source. very crackly/poppy, in addition to the white and filtered noise.

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That looks right :+1:
a simpler way might be this:

Edit: oh wait, you’re getting different fractional values between -1., 0., and 1. …sorry, nevermind my pic above… there might be a similar simpler way, though.

(ya, i saw that MemoriesOfABrokenDimension dev on twitch before, i’m dying to see the game when it’s done :joy:, it’s definitely one of my favs :raised_hands: )

Never thought that eavesdropping to some Scottish radio amateurs discussing the weather and grocery shopping could be this fascinating. Thank you for this tip!

Edit: After listening to three different conversations, it’s quite apparent that weather is a universal topic among radio folk.


Benjolis is also a great source of noises


No, I think it is working, and nice.

It is not franctional, just the weirdness of scope~ (never liked it tbh)

With plot~ you can see the output is the same or similar:

Nice to know - delta and change were not on my radar… logged with thanks : )


and ya i’ve been having trouble with scope~ functioning properly since Max8… sometimes it just sits there blank(with audio on) until i delete and reinstantiate, it’s very annoying… (and i didn’t even realize til i saw your patch that it had ‘automatic mode’ :laughing: …so thanks from me too! :beers:)

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A somewhat unwieldy but fun variant:
Velvet Cluster Noise.maxpat (23.7 KB)


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this here or somewhere but if you own Izotope RX or any other noise reduction apps/plugins they can be great for generating glitches, pops etc… Most denoising and declick algorithms have the option of listen/output to the noise/clicks, rather than the clean result… The intent is so you can check how much of the signal is being removed (especially important when cleaning dialogue) but eg someone sent me a file of glitches he extracted from some of my EMF recordings, and they are tasty!


Plug-in Boutique is offering their radio app for free. Pretty fun.

that “Velvet Cluster Noise” patch is badass! :raised_hands:

i wanted to tweak it to be more ‘analog’-sounding(basically trying for softer curvatures in various parts), so i put the “click~” object at the end, also put some buttons to give quick options for the original single-sample click, sine, sinc window, and finally at bottom-right is a multislider to set 16 samples to whatever shape you like.

also swapped out rampsmooth~ with slide~, and clip~ out with tanh~ (just for soft-saturation)… there’s a couple more things i might not be remembering(‘unslid mix’ knob allows you to add original clicks back in outside the slide~ - so if you wanted closer to the original Velvet noise, you could set it to single-sample, turn ‘unslid mix’ up, and maybe swap out slide~ with rampsmooth~ again… …also, the final live.gain~ slider goes into tanh~ so you can turn it up to +6dB and tanh~ will still keep everything within -1. and 1. but with that soft-saturated sound)… also added presets 12 through 16 to switch transient shapes while 1-11 still keep closer to the original.

called this one “VelourClusterNoise” :ribbon: :dancer: :man_dancing: :grin:
VelourClusterNoise.maxpat (43.0 KB)


Really nice additions! Lovely ‘old radio’ feel to some of the later presets.

I need to spend the day working, but going to have a tinker later.

VelourClusterNoise - :rofl:

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Hey, thanks for sharing!

Yeah, one of the fun ones that I made for Euro Reakt is “Spectral Noise”. Essentially, it fills a bunch of spectral bins with random data and then sends it through an inverse Fourier transform. This could probably be easily done in Max with the ifft~ object, although I haven’t actually used that object before. I should experiment with that. I think a lot of the patches shared here would be fun to mc-ify.

I also ported Crackle and Dust from SuperCollider to VCV ( The Dust module combines Dust and Dust2. The Crackle module has a “broken” mode that makes nasty modem noises. This happened as it was one of the first modules I built in Reaktor, and I wasn’t entirely familiar with Reaktor’s memory system, so one of the variables was being written in the wrong order. It actually took me a long time to then port that bug/feature back to C++


great,… this is very useful to me, thanks. And it gives me a chance to check out some twitch content… i always thought it is only for gamer…

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Downloaded the max patch recorded some clicks and pops from it and ended up with a really nice track I think! :slight_smile: @_mark Thank you for the inspiration!


Nice work. Do you know Jelinek’s classic album?

He uses vinyl record noises as his rhythm section.