Teenage Engineering Choir

edited to add video:

From the TE website:

eight wooden dolls, made to serenade you with a repertoire of choral classics as well as perform your own original compositions through midi over ble. each member has their own characteristic vocal range. individually one can sing a dynamic solo, together they perform an immersive a cappella concert. the choir is inspired by the original absolut choir, our very first project.

The full set of 8 can be yours for a mere 2k (GBP/£)…


What if instead of using a sampler, you could simply buy a single sample inside a wooden doll with a speaker that is already mapped to some midi parameters?

Love the design of them and as an art project this would be really cool, I just don’t see the value this has as a consumer product. How cute would these be as a little speaker or mic though. A mic that picks up external sounds and sings back resonances?


Is there any point in buying just one?

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That makes me think of PhonicBloom’s Glo device…

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will find out soon….


All right, Elon! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

These reminded me of Yamaha’s concepts posted a few months ago:


I’m just going to say that even though I’ve been quite critical of/unimpressed by a few of TE’s recent endeavors, the sweetness and character of this particular one really strikes a chord for me. I want to make my own weirdo version of it…


These are great!

I hadn’t seen this, so thanks for sharing.

I wonder if they could sync with the TE Choir…


Dooooo iiiiittttt… :rofl:


don’t think of it as a consumer product. think of it as an art piece that you can buy a copy of.

if more people thought about some of TE’s products that way (which, in a way they are) i think a lot of people would reconsider their opinion on TE. not everything needs to be a viable mass produced commercial product. i’m glad TE goes out into the wild to create these really weird products just because they can. embrace their uniqueness


Amen to that @theskyis256k!


I’ll stick with my Otamatone i guess


So fun to recognize characters from the original choir:



Yeah for sure it’s commodified art and it’s cool when stuff like this exists. I think people know the deal with TE at this point and there’s a market for products where you’re paying for design and concept above versatility. Brands are always walking a fine line with products like these and TE generally pulls it off, the worst they could do is try and please everyone.


Pre-production photos:


Guides are up on their website:


I ordered two, despite the lack of info.

Some things that still aren’t clear to me:

  • no detailed guide (PDF guide doesn’t cover much and refers back to the website generally)
  • how the songs work — there’s nothing about how to select or play a song
  • whether there is any special need for the OP-1 or OP-Z to play songs
  • if you’re sending polyphonic MIDI out to the choir does it just assign one note to each chorister somehow according to their range? If only two then does it only send out two notes simultaneously?
  • is it just the songs where they ‘speak’ or are their options to set slightly different sounds just through MIDI - e.g. more like ooo, ahh or mmm…
  • can they act as a bluetooth speaker (I’m assuming no and wouldn’t need the, to).

This is a very interesting thing. Personally my first impression is that it doesn’t really work.

If you look at it as art it feels a bit to IKEA to my because of this commodifiacation.

And if you look for products you get all the hate all the synthfluencers are posting on Youtube complaining it is too expensive.

But it is interesting to pay attention too. Maybe it is perfect for someone. I do like the idea of people interacting with sound in a different way, playing around with things and exploring sound as a consumer (or what the hell you call someone who isn’t a “musician” or “artist”, without calling them a user [which sounds so drug dealer style])

So yeah, not my cup of tea, but good on them for trying!


I think I can answer one of my own questions in the the guide does talk about the dials/knobs on the OP-1/OP-Z mapping to vibrato, reverb, vowel and consonant, so presumably you can get the choir to make different sounds outside the songs, but it remains to be seen if the controls will be workable enough to have it sing words.


Which two did you order? I’m considering…