Teenage Engineering Choir

it might be i suppose- the whole wooden block sits on a nice thick piece of felt so that when you tap anywhere on the block the vibration can easily be detected. i can start and stop the music by tapping and also tilting to change the volume works well. i guess i was expecting some sort of app or something where you choose the song. i’ve tried a bunch of button presses in different sequences but so far its just been turn on, turn off, and pair bluetooth…


full choir is in the house!

Jay Gilligan shared a post on Instagram: "@teenageengineering choir!". Follow their account to see 9704 posts.


I think someone should put one of those tiny microphones people use with cats on tiktok on a tiny stand in front of them, and run their voices through some gnarly effects :joy:

I wanna see TE death metal choir!

Great vids, btw, very fun!


Maybe the ortho app lets you skip through songs?

i’ll check that- but also, it seems now that when you listen to the choir for a long time, they will sing a song and then take a break. and then after some time start a new song. so i’ve heard several different songs now. i haven’t spent enough time to figure out if they start again on the song cycle where they left off or from the same song again every time they are turned on.


Just gonna throw an idea out there. But you should do a live stream concert with them on a little stage with stage lights and everything. :laughing:


I’m dying to get home to see if the new velocity update affects the choir!

edit: can confirm velocity does not seem to affect the choir. op-1f velocity update working, but when playing the choir its a fixed velocity…

Just wait for the updates to Choir. First thing I’m looking forward to = different voices.


I’m sold on the choir. Saving up now, praying they do another run.


i just got an email back from TE support. the email i got said that the encoders should “just work” to change the characteristics of the voices on the choir when playing with the op-1f for example. i can’t get it working on my end, nor with my op-z either. TE support asked me to send in a video of the problem.

i’m wondering if anyone else can confirm or deny that this functionality is working? its supposed to be something about CC values changing the vowel, consonant sounds, reverb, etc.

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Have only had one night to try to figure the Choir out, but I didn’t hear voice changes with the encoders either. Will check again tomorrow.

When you pair one doll to OP1F, do the rest of your dolls connect together? Do they stay connected?

Here’s some experimenting with the darker side of Choir with only Miki and Olga singing.


Ordered the choir a couple days ago. Couldn’t resist! Does anyone know of a place to download songs in midi format? I’d like to make a playlist to stream songs through them.
Specifically looking for Bon Iver’s creeks or PJ Morton Don’t Let Go.

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I was able to get the CC1-4 adjustments to work in the connection screen. I’m wondering since Choir works with the orthoplay remote if TE’ll eventually make them controllable with the app? There is such potential here and I’m thankful to have been able to mess with them, but they do have limitations that are much stricter than I anticipated.


Thanks, @appa and @instantjuggler for your videos so far!
I got Bogdan, Hatshepsut, Olga, and Leila for about a week now and started collecting some information on the choir here: GitHub - jetztgradnet/Choirama: Findings about Teenage Engineering Choir (CH-8)

I also tore down one sound module and documented my findings (and pictures!) in that Github repo.

Find here a teaser:

I started a table to document the CC-to-vowel and -consonant mappings, but haven’t properly transcribed them yet.

Feel free to chime in with additional information, either here or directly on Github via PRs or by creating issues.


More examples:


An iPad with AUM, KB-1, MIDISpy and Atom Piano Roll 2 is also a good environment for playing with the choir:

See Choirama/Performing-music-with-iPad-AUM.md at main · jetztgradnet/Choirama · GitHub for more details.


“Currently, it helps to shut them off (slap a doll on the head), reactivate it (another slap)”

don’t know why but I’m chuckling like crazy on the morning bus at the whole “slap the doll” method of turning them on or off



Thanks, everyone! I followed jetztgradnet’s approach to using KB-1 and AUM and can get MIDI CC 1-4 working.

I’ve only had five minutes to go through, but values of 0-3 seem to do nothing so the vowels and consonants still cycle or are random. Then though and in blocks of about a dozen values (e.g. 5-17, 18-30] and the vowels shift through ah, iii, oh, ooo, eh etc. and consonants too.

I’m not a seasoned user of MIDI controllers, but next steps seem to be to map the CC values properly and then try getting them to sing a song with words.


If you do extract any relevant mappings, please share them so I can update the consonant and vowel tables in my linked document.

BTW, somebody marked my previous posts with Github links as spam, not sure why? This serves as a point for collecting information on the choir and is (IMHO) not advertizing or anything like that (maybe with the exception that I mentioned some apps that I used to test that, but that is used throughout lines…).

Update: thanks for restoring my posts!

Can you elaborate on how you are using the OB-4 in these videos? Obviously, it is receiving sound from the OP-1 via radio transmission, but does it play a role in your experiments with the choir?


thank you so much for your post and videos!! i was finally able to work out how the CC’s go. now its working fine on my end. the critical error i had made was not going to the connection screen. i had a suspicion i was doing something wrong, but also i’ve never had reason to visit the connection screen before in my life because i don’t use the op as a midi controller. but watching your videos helped me figure out where to look! really appreciate all the digging around you have done on this project.

the one feature which i have heard mentioned is to advance the pre-loaded songs you can double click the power button. all that does to me is turn each doll off.