Teenage Engineering OP-Z

What’s extra concerning is that they’re apparently going back and scrubbing information from their website, such as the promised battery life and glow-in-the-dark legending. They’re literally trying to make it look like that was never promised. Very concerning.


i’ve been starting to think of the op-z as the drum machine complement to my op-1 tape deck and synth/sampler


No superlong bassdrums though :slight_smile:

To be fair, they only thing they’ve ever ‘promised’ is that the specs and features were subject to change.

After the initial pre-order page went up (this lasted for a day or so until they sold out) it was removed from the home page, but the preview page is still accessible here:



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Snagged one from Big City from that small batch, was really excited to have a handheld CV sequencer - remember very clearly seeing the CV and gate outputs. Dove into the manual and wait a minute! Now the CV outputs are gone?! :man_facepalming: Guess I’ll be tinkering with a goofy little sequencer until the expansions start to roll out. Anyone know if the visualizer will work with a newer iPod?

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Mine arrived today, and I’ve been playing with it for a few hours. It’s wild!

It’s strength is definitely the sequencer. There’s a lot of power accessible quite quickly. Sixteen tracks, each with different length and clock divisions. The Step Components are especially interesting: per-step rules like probability, random note selection, note slides, even jumping around within the sequence on that track specifically. For instance, I can have track two play a stable 8-note pattern, but have track four playing six notes before jumping to a random step on only track four. There are ten projects, with sixteen patterns per project. Project changes are instantaneous.

By default, each track is already set up to output MIDI on separate channels (track 1 to channel 1… track 16 to channel 16). This means that I was able to plug it into my Hermod and start sequencing my modular with no additional setup.

The sound “plugs” (generators) remind me more of the Pocket Operators or Braids. Each generator only really has two parameters, but then there are two filter controls (cutoff + res), four envelope controls (ADSR), four LFO controls (rate, depth, destination, shape), and four mix controls (two effect sends, pan, and level). For samples, the only sound manipulation control is pitch. While Braids proved that you could do a lot with two knobs, I’m hoping they throw in some weirder synth and effect engines in a future update.

One odd complaint is that the case is kind of sharp and pointy. Hopefully someone will make a rubber bumper case for it.

The app is very cool. I definitely needed it for training. There are a few things that you can only do with the app (assign MIDI out CC values to each knob), but their all setup related. After an hour or two, I became much more comfortable using the device without the app, although I definitely prefer using the app to visualize the Step Component relations.


This is interesting. I didn’t realise it was set up like that.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘newer iPod’, but if you have an iPod touch (6th generation) then you can download the OP-Z app from the App Store for free and give it a try.

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i got mine yesterday as well and played with it in bed last night (so tiny!!). i think it’s pretty brilliant and sounds amazing.

btw the first four tracks, the drum tracks, are all samples that can be swapped out (maybe the FX track too?). i’ll probably change at least a couple of them to have more melodic tracks to work with. you can do this easily with the op-1 but if you don’t have an op-1, someone on the operator forum made this edit tool so you can get chromatic samples working on the Z drum tracks.

operator one thread


I made this thing sequencing only a single step (yes, it’s only a single step looping by itself) and using step components.


Should I get this AND an op-1 would this be a good travel set?


That was one of the first things I did! I used the drum utility - but this tool seems very handy thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Is there probability? I assumed there was for a long time, but after digging through the manual it seems like that was left out. I wish it had probability- I’ve really gotten used to that feature after kria and digitakt and would love to have something like that in such a small sequencer.


That was this first thing i looked for too, its not there.
Some step component alternatives are setting a trig to:
Play every Nth pass
Have a random chance to trig per pass.
Have other trigs set to randomly jump over the trig you want to not play

So ther are plenty of cool things, n]but not quite probability. another one I find i’m missing is like the “play every nth time” but instead i wish i could “NOT play every nth time”.

It is very cool tho, and the spark components work independently, so you can set the step component effect to have it own play rules, vs the actual trig rule etc.

I love the compactness, but I’ve not been interested in step-sequencing basically at all in probably over a decade. I’m hoping with OS updates it might become more tempting. I love my OP1, and given its flexibility in a small package, it’d be one of the last things I’d ever sell despite not using it much the last few years. As a result, I’m a big believer in TE’s approach and sensibility despite being hesitant to buy the OPZ. That’s why I’m always sort of keeping one eye on it. Maybe at some point it’ll make sense depending on how it evolves.


Oh didn’t realize there was random trig- thought there was only random note (not something I’d use).
Can’t complain really… so many fun and creative features. Different lengths for each track is sooo nice.

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Just to clarify, The four synth tracks(5-8) can have OP-1 synth sampler files on them, the tool you linked is for those tracks. For the drum tracks, a tool already exists called OP-1 Drum Utility.

If you own an OP-1, you can drag and drop the appropriate files straight to the Z, no conversion/tools required. I have had some samples not work, likely due to sample loop points being too short(they are preserved from the OP-1 sample and can’t be changed in the Z).


ah i see! i misread that original post and thought you couldn’t get chromatic samples at all unless you have an op1.

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Thank you. Very cool. I had an op1 (I had to sell it in a less than comfortable moment) and I saved everything. So… :star_struck:

Got my OP-Z in Wednesday and have been pretty impressed. So complex for such a tiny machine. Curious if anyone has figured out the microphone. I’ve read the manual and can see that the mic is working, but it doesn’t really say what you can do with the microphone. As far as I can tell, it’s not recording the audio to any track. Anyone figured this out yet?