Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Wow, I thought it was way langer than the OP-1. Wonder what’s draining it.


It’s just a small battery, 740mAh versus the OP-1’s 1800mAh battery. Small device, small battery. Kind of makes sense. Would be nice to know which design decision dropped the battery capacity though. The expansion module thing?


According to this teardown done at a Boulder, Colorado hacker space, the DSP draws the most power from its significantly smaller (compared to OP-1) battery.


Hi there,

I’ve just released this little M4L device to control and edit patches on the OP-Z.
It has a very cool randomization per part mode and a preset manager.



Thanks for this! - I think synth / music gear teardowns are one of my favorite genre of thing.


Does anyone have any experience recording iphone screen output (to a PC)?
I’m going to record some synced motion pack material.


Huh. Putting the phone stand in the expansion slot was a clever use of space!


Not sure if QuickTime is still around and available for windows, but you should be able to record your screen straight from the OS now.


These are the delightful little design details that tell me the kids are alright. I hope it inspires people to consider this aspect in whatever they may make for themselves or others.


It feels a bit stupid to use such a little sequencer for such a big keyboard, but with this adapter from amazon it works perfectly.

Here’s the amazon.it link. https://www.amazon.it/dp/B071J9YH9B?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf


Thanks @teafella – I believe this is a MAC only feature(?) There are a bunch of 3rd party windows apps that can mirror via airplay so I might grab one of those.


i think you’ve got it mixed up. you don’t need a computer at all to make a screen recording in iOS now.

Go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and you can add the screen recording button to your control center layout.


YAY! thx @freqout – thats so great. :cake:


Received my OP-Z today and have been loving it so far! Something about this instrument seems to fit with me perfectly.

For those also exploring: I was skeptical about using this for ambient initially, but the tape buffer delivers. Set direction to backwards, set a short loop, slow speed, and sequence away for some glitchy ambient washes. With reverb and delay sprinkled on top of course :wink:

Edit: almost forgot, play the tape fine tune for warble!!


Keep this in mind if you turn the Z on and the battery is dead,


It actually happened to one person and no one else has currently reproduced it, so it might be a single case, or other kind of problem.


I just meant “not charged”. Mostly just wanted to post that clip. Someone’s died completely?


Yes, a guy reported that when the battery died he found all of his content had disappeared. I thought you were referring to that. Anyway, I suspect PBKAC.


I can’t wait for it! Anyone know stock info? When will TE send another batch out?


Feeling the exact same way. Just received mine and I’m completely blown away.

Here’s something fun, if you stop the sequencer, the buffer seems to remain in the tape, so you can continue playing it with the keyboard. Works extremely well with melodies and the vinyl noise samples.