Teenage Engineering OP-Z


i agree it’s unlikely, it just seems odd to advertise such a brazen lie. which of corse got me googling the fastest transatlantic flight times. if you took it easy on the op-z, you potentially could get 3 trans atlantic flights in on a single charge, as long as you were flying on a british airways concorde in 1996.


Time machine module to be added? Or do you think it’s doable with a firmware update! ^^


Presenting inaccurate information in a listing that has not been updated since the pre-order? Absolutely. ‘Advertising a brazen lie’? That implies intent, which is a bit of a stretch.


Ha ha.
That’s like a “post truth” justification…
Alternative (fact) product specs?


Yup. You know those art museum stores. Always plotting and scheming and trying to pull the wool over our eyes. And they actually thought they could get away with it too. But no sir, not this time! Through our dogged detective work, they have finally been exposed.



I can testify it can last even longer than that if powered off.


I, for one, fear the Museum-Industrial Complex — a theft from those who hunger for new music and are not fed.


There’s a firmware update out:
“reduced cpu consumption, improves battery life by 5-10%”

Lots of other bug fixes.



I’m looking to use the op-z as basically a super nice midi sequence for a modular rig so this is super helpful. I’m wondering though — my intention is to use it as a midi-in to a eurorack, then make lots of noise inside the rack, and then pipe midi out to something like Unity (not using op-z built in Unity stuff).

My current thought for this is OP-Z to FH-2 to MODULES, then to something like a trig31 to do CV/Midi to then hook up to a computer. However in doing more digging I found the Hermod and I’m wondering if that single module can act as both the in and the out. OP-Z in though one of the USB ports, and then USB out to a PC/OSX machine with midi signal for controlling visuals.

However, if I’m using the Midi-in to pipe OP-Z to the rest of the modular, can I use the Hermod cv/gate inputs to also act as midi-out? This may be a better fit for a dedicated Hermod thread, but happy to hear opinions/thoughts here as well.


You probably have a reason for using a laptop, but if what you’re planning for unity will work through the opz ios app, then it works really easy with the direct midi connect to modular and bluetooth midi to drive unity. I’m doing that now and happy with the result.


I recognize the convenience of the OP-Z + Unity integration for sure, but I’m not interested in this setup to leverage that. Mainly because my plan is that the Midi in gets retimed, chopped, scrambled, etc., and I want to grabbed audio-synced timed CV from the “end” sequence to push to a computer (Unity is just one option, doing Processing, etc. would also be possible). I also totally plan to use op-z + unity by itself, but this is for something different.


Not sure if this is helpful, but endorphin.es shuttle control can send midi from device thru to the host (or vice versa). E.g., I can send midi from a korg nanokontrol to the shuttle control, and the ipad attached to the host port of the shuttle can also receive the midi messages.

edit: I see that maybe you don’t want a straight copy of the midi messages, in that case disregard the post above.


What’s the reverb like on this, please tell me it’s a room/hall rather than a spring.

There is something about spring reverbs that always grates with me… the reverb on the OP-1 always makes me a bit sad…


Unfortuately it is spring, i’m waiting as well for another type since i don’t really enjoy spring ones either.

Edit: anyways, this little machine is incredible! It’s maybe my best bought since my first monome, it keeps me focus on making music and enjoying the process


I feel like it sounds less bad than the op-1 verb


Well I guess it’s best to get the disappointments out of the way as soon as possible.

We’re going on holiday next year, and I can really see myself picking up one of these before we go1. The OP-1 is portable enough that I’ll tote it round the house, but it’s still too heavy/bulky for me to what to sling it in a backpack.

1 Or months before given how what the availability/demand will be like


I’m tempted to purchase the OP-Z mainly for the functionality of it sequencing my eurorack system but I’d like to verify that it’d behave as I’d imagine with Ansible. With the OP-Z hooked up to Ansible could Ansible output four different CVs and triggers, each CV/trigger corresponding to a different MIDI track (for different MIDI tracks total)? Thanks!

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this in general, the fact that the OP-Z doesn’t have a screen has really kept me away from it (I don’t have an iOS device and have no plans on getting one), but if I’m using it mostly as a sequencer a screen probably won’t be needed.


unfortunately ansible does not have a 4-channel midi mode. (i’m wrong! latest version does have 4 channel midi mode) you can either use one channel monophonically, or one channel 4-voice polyphonic (with voice stealing).

i remember asking @ngwese about adding a 4-channel mode, but the unanswered question is: how do you set which midi channels to use? it could be hardcoded in the firmware, but then it’s not easily changeable.

all i can think of is some sort of front panel button combo like holding the two “key” buttons to switch into channel setting mode and watch how many times an led flashes for each cv/gate pair? key 1 = decrease value, key 2 = increase value, both keys advance to next cv/gate pair.


i mainly use mine without an iOS screen and after a few days of being overwhelmed it’s manageable.

my two struggles with the interface:
• setting destinations for LFOs - very hard to remember which color LED corresponds to which parameter
• step components (which are amazing) have some inconsistencies in the functions associated with their numeric value. so on one step component a value of “0” means random number each time, while on another step component to get random it’s another number like “7”. i’d prefer that “0” is always random.

but gosh - what a fun and immediate and tiiiinnnnny sequencer! so fun :slight_smile: