Teenage Engineering OP-Z


That’s a good observation. I guess I could feel out the workflow and see if it makes sense. I’m still pretty far in my learning process from putting together visuals, but I like to keep these ideas swimming around.


Anyway I can get a dummy’s guide to getting OPZ to work on modular? I have ansible and a u1 midi. I’m missing something here. Do I have to set it up through the app to get the right midi channels? I’m a newbie :frowning:


MIDI is pretty straightforward on the Z left to right the tracks are MIDI channels 1-16 and the encoders/pages are CC 1-16, BUT the midi implementation is still a bit spotty in my experience, I am getting stuck notes on the FH-1 while syncing through VCV Rack-> ES-8 works perfectly. Bluetooth midi currently does not send or receive a clock (but works great for everything else).

Speculations suggest the sync cartridge is going to be out NAMM 2019 which, I assume, will put an end to all syncing issues with modular or otherwise.


Question for the hardware scholars in the audience; Anyone know how these encoders work/what is the part called to make a similar magnetic encoder for my own projects? <3

Seems like it would be fun since I have a 3d printer at the office, IF I can figure out the piece that reads the magnetic fields.


A sync cartridge would be swell! Today was my first day with midi and the z. I was using my ornament and crime running hemisphere and was getting along pretty well. My issue was clocking Pam’s new workout. It would clock fine when I start the transport…but once I started sequencing notes it’s caused the bmp to get a little wonky. I think I’m still going to dish out the cash on a shuttle control. The z will make a great modular addition.


Do you have the O_C doing MIDI to CV? Ive got one would be curious how that works… Is it just through the teensy usb connector?


Indeed I do. check out the captain midi app that is part of the hemisphere suite. It also has midi in and out “applets” you can find it here. http://www.beigemaze.com


Oh man, was not aware of that wiki, thanks!


Hoping to hear some news about the sync module this weekend as I just grabbed an empty make noise skiff today :slight_smile: