Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Anyway I can get a dummy’s guide to getting OPZ to work on modular? I have ansible and a u1 midi. I’m missing something here. Do I have to set it up through the app to get the right midi channels? I’m a newbie :frowning:


MIDI is pretty straightforward on the Z left to right the tracks are MIDI channels 1-16 and the encoders/pages are CC 1-16, BUT the midi implementation is still a bit spotty in my experience, I am getting stuck notes on the FH-1 while syncing through VCV Rack-> ES-8 works perfectly. Bluetooth midi currently does not send or receive a clock (but works great for everything else).

Speculations suggest the sync cartridge is going to be out NAMM 2019 which, I assume, will put an end to all syncing issues with modular or otherwise.


Question for the hardware scholars in the audience; Anyone know how these encoders work/what is the part called to make a similar magnetic encoder for my own projects? <3

Seems like it would be fun since I have a 3d printer at the office, IF I can figure out the piece that reads the magnetic fields.


A sync cartridge would be swell! Today was my first day with midi and the z. I was using my ornament and crime running hemisphere and was getting along pretty well. My issue was clocking Pam’s new workout. It would clock fine when I start the transport…but once I started sequencing notes it’s caused the bmp to get a little wonky. I think I’m still going to dish out the cash on a shuttle control. The z will make a great modular addition.


Do you have the O_C doing MIDI to CV? Ive got one would be curious how that works… Is it just through the teensy usb connector?


Indeed I do. check out the captain midi app that is part of the hemisphere suite. It also has midi in and out “applets” you can find it here. http://www.beigemaze.com


Oh man, was not aware of that wiki, thanks!


Hoping to hear some news about the sync module this weekend as I just grabbed an empty make noise skiff today :slight_smile:


@atomboyd asked me in another thread about my op-z dmx setup:

op-z --> enttec dmx usb pro --> 5 pin dmx to 3 pin dmx converter --> 2 daisy chained Epsilon Pix-Bar 8 RGB LED Wash Lights

make sure you update both the op-z and the enttec to their latest firmwares! you can edit the .json file on the op-z to taste for your desired lighting effects…


not sure if this has been covered here yet but i was getting really significant noise when connecting usb (mostly to my macbook pro for midi sync) but this solved it:


How have people been feeling about the visual/unity component of the OP-Z so far?? Been on the fence for OP-Z but the visuals are the only thing really grabbing my attention at the moment (along with the sequencer).


I’m pretty stuck with unity, and the photomatic app is not as straightforward as I expected… But i’m not a programming guy, if that is helpful.

Op-z in general is a ton of fun.


*OMFG thats great


Also in the new Firmware you can turn off USB charging in a pinch. (not optimal I know)


Photomatic has so much potential. I just hope they sort out ways to easily export videos and remove all the quirks. It feels a little half baked at the moment but it’s still very neat.


This Oplab thingy might’ve been posted already, but to me this little addition to it made me want this little grey peace of plastic. I wonder how the sequencer will work with modular?

Probably Namm news.


somehow this prompted me to discover that Teenage Engineering is a Swedish company… somehow I had assumed they were Japanese?


Yes they are based in Stockholm. But have made some collabs with companies from Japan


I went ahead a picked up a mutant brain because it is fantastic for sequencing modular! Tbh that’s the main reason I grabbed it. As far as that new OPZ module I can’t tell what is going on with it. Unless that is midi out for all 16 channels but from the looks it appears to be just for sync settings? And maybe one channel of cv and gate out?


they tend to have a lot of marketing material in japanese, I assume because it’s cool but maybe there’s something deeper there. Understandable confusion :slight_smile: