Teenage Engineering OP-Z


It’s kind of like when I discovered Superdry is based out of England.


what! I had no idea. I too fell for their scam.


They’ve said there’s one track dedicated to modules. So it would make sense that a CV module would only handle a single track, but…it is a bit disappointing. Would be great to have OP-Z control multiple tracks of CV, but it would mean a separate midi module. I’ve been looking at the Hermod as a OP-Z -> modular bridge, but haven’t pulled the (expensive) trigger on it. Expert Sleepers FH-2 also would do the trick, but I like some of the other functionality of the Hermod. Anywho…the OP-Lab module could be good…but I’d really like multiple tracks of CV control.


ahhh i forgot about the module track itself as being the option. that makes sense and def a little disappointing. i was torn between the hermod and shuttle control. but after reading the mutant brain manual I decided to give it a shot and try and save some major coin and hp.


From the TE Insta story:

“Ask me about OP-Z Modules”

Its happening!!! :scream::scream:

Who’s going to NAMM and who can I send money to? :slight_smile:


Hah! I’m heading there tomorrow. Gonna have my OP-Z in my bag just in case…


Keep us updated! and also I’m feeling the emphasis on module(S)… I know there are lots of talk of other ideas via the beta forum. So who knows.


For sure. They’ve been NAMM pranksters recently. Last year, they had an unmarked white SUV in the parking lot. They would escort you into the car and Tobias would appear behind you to give a demo of the new Pocket Operators. They had just gotten back from a concert in Tijuana and all looked relatively hungover. A cop knocked on their window while we were getting our demo and told them that they were illegally demoing, to which they responded “No, we’re just listening to music with friends”. I already loved the company before that, but that took it to another level.

EDIT: They were also threatening to rent a Swedish meatball food truck this year. Can’t wait to see what goes down.


I’m realizing I want OP-Z to be the brain of a broad multi-format collection of instruments. So it’s a bit dissonant that it also makes its own sounds. I wonder if I’m putting it in the wrong role. Or maybe the broad bit is what’s wrong, that it can be the brain of a much smaller collection? This is an unnecessary taxonomy exercise most likely, but I do like to classify my stuff. It’s soothing.


I love that the jacks to the right are both TRS, providing extra CV outs. I am excited to see how they develop that module slot.

Lots of possibilities.

  • DMX on mini jacks.
  • 4x 2ch CV jacks
  • 4x MIDI in (and/or) out, switchable
  • Minijack microphone preamp


I want four assignable audio outs!


Hm sounds like I should wait a bit until Teenage Engineering perfects Photomatic/Unity component then! To be honest, some of the OP-Z non-audio functionalities seem a little half-baked from the surface level.


I don’t know Unity and have not tried Photomatic but I have had loads of fun sequncing Max/Jitter visuals over Blutooth MIDI.

[quote="trickyflemming, post:309, topic:2326, full:true"]

It’s kind of like when I discovered Superdry is based out of England.

Among Brits that are into Nightlife, Superdry is highly associated with Cops undercover or off duty. So whenever you enter a hip place and there is Superdry-the place is to be raided soonish :joy: i was told, had a smirk but realised the reality was exactly that


They do have a guy working for them here in Japan but yeah, I think they probably just like the way katakana looks… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Intellijel actually does a bit of the same thing but only in promotional material I think (T-shirts, etc.).


Is there a way to send CV to MIDI to the OP-Z with the Shuttle Conrtol? Or can you only do OP-Z to MIDI to CV? I ask because the OP-Z engines can actaully sound quite good with a bit more modulation than what is built in. Thanks!


No, you cannot send CV into the shuttle control if that is your question.


That is what I am asking. Thanks! It’s a bummer because the module seems so perfect in every other way.


You can send midi thru the SC… So maybe you can use that in a useful way into the op-z. Good luck finding what you need.


Hi, anyone have experience importing their own sounds?

In the manual it says: “the supported file format is the OP-1 .aif sample format. for drum tracks it is the drum sample format and for synth tracks it is the synth sample format.” (It goes on to explain there’s 32MB of sample memory. Whatever happened to sample memory?) Is the difference between these formats that the drum samples are individual per key and synth samples are one sample spread chromatically across – or is the synth sample format something else (like settings out of the OP-1 synths?)

And in general, how do you find working with your own samples on the OP-Z?

Apologies if this has been well covered elsewhere.