Teenage Engineering OP-Z


In an update they added an option to disable USB Charging.

  • add option to disable USB charging with SCREEN+E2 (to remove ground noise)

Thanks for the tips! Will play around with it tonight.


I totally agree except for how amazing it is to have a portable palm sized controller. You can create cv and gate sequences while away from the rack. Then plug and play when you get back to the module.


agreed, I do something similar with a C&G Organelle … its actually a lot of fun.


How well is usb-midi working with the new firmware? I want to purchase one to sequence external gear but I see a lot of people complaining about midi issues.


I use the op-z plugged usb into the top of an intellijel case, I haven’t tried anything fancy yet but am tracking clock and pitch just fine with umidi in my 1u row. Haven’t been able to use the pressured mod button on the bottom of the op-z to modulate yet, will keep investigating. My firmware on the op-z is still 1.1.17, havent upgraded to 1.1.23 yet.


Have you tried using multiple channels of midi? I want to combine mine with Norns and Gameboy DMG as a sort of portable set up.
It seems that people who are encountering these issues are those who are trying to convert usb-midi into 5pin or cv. I’m not sure how reliable direct usb-midi output is.


i plugged my Z usb into my op-lab (classic, not the new module) and set the first two drum tracks to send midi on separate channels. one gets picked up by the op-lab and sends cv/gate to my modular. the second plugs into a volca fm via midi din.

i’ve played a couple shows now with this setup and it works fine.


I know you were messing with this a bit before, but have you tried OP-Z + Ansible with the new OP-Z firmware?


Ive sent multiple channels of midi to the op-z from my laptop & norns via usb and been able to sequence it just fine.
Have not tried the reverse, sending multiple channels of midi from the op-z to sequence multiple pieces of gear.
I no longer have the norns to test it out, recouping losses from wildfires here in malibu forced me to sell it and have been more concerned with eurorack than replacing it.


i haven’t tried it with the latest firmware.
last time i tried it i was getting lots of inverted gates… but i’ve also had that problem with the op-1. i’m not sure if the problem is with ansible or op-1/op-z…


Wait is the module ‘out’ out? like available to order? I clicked the link and it said out of stock. Please tell me this just means its not available to order yet


It must have sold out already…


It was available to order.
I’m surprised OP-Z is still available to buy though.


So frustrating! They can announce and sell out the module in one day but still can’t get me my PO keyboard refund. Maybe that’s where the money to repay me is going to come from. Oh well I guess I’ll be watching the second hand market or hoping they manufacture more


I was debating. With modular just having 1 cv/gate/trig is… not a lot for $150? Rather figure out midi through usb to ansible or mutant brain.

Also it seems like to get hose extra cvs you have to have modules that can figure out TRS connections. Don’t think there’s modules out there that handle that. All patches are mono.


you will just need a splitter to use more than one of the cv outs. @shellfritsch enlightened me on this


Thought about the oplab, but got a Shuttle Control already…8 tracks of CV/GATE/CLOCK or just 16 assignable outs to anything you can think of in any configuration, its crazy. Especially with the new opZ firmware that fixed all timing issues.


What gear do you use to control a modular with the Organelle?


Squarp Hermod mostly, though sometimes a Bela Salt.

Hermod is easier ,plug n play :slight_smile: uses midi which I generate from Orac on Organelle.
Salt is a bit more ‘custom’ as I use OSC, to get high resolution.

( as I’ve kind of mentioned elsewhere , I’ve got some ideas/plans for Orac that tie into the modular/eurorack world :wink: )


I can vouch for the hexinverter mutant brain. The price tag is that of the module and really straight forward and easy to use. Also, 8hp is ace.