Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Hi! @MatthewAshmore can you explain your set up with the mutant brain a little more in detail? Curious what the settings on the sysex you’re using and which tracks/midi channels on the op-z you are using!

Been looking into one myself and have been thinking of using the first four tracks for drums, with the audio out and using the other available midi tracks for sequencing my modular (no audio out from Z). is this possible?

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Has anybody seem a (community) list of modules that are compatible with the OP-Z over USB? The docs don’t have much yet, but anyways it’d be good to make a sheet that also compares prices and more features.

I started something but have to get back to work — I’ll try to add more later. In the meantime it is editable through this link,


Absolutely. Below are the items i ordered from amazon to get the opz talking between mutant brain. I am also using the midi in on the iconnectivity with my key step.

if you want to load this mutantbrain-15.syx (305 Bytes)
sysex file onto the form here you can get a better look. http://mutantbrainsurgery.hexinverter.net

for the most part I am using midi ch 5.6.7(bass, lead, and arp for sequencing my euro. also if you note on the gate outs 8-12 on the hex i have multiple division of the master clock pumping out. I also have it set up where the drum and snare channels midi (1-2) are outputting gates as well.

when I’m away from my modular i can sequence the channels and use the opz as a notebook or sketchpad if you will. A very expensive sketchpad :wink: When i get back to the modular i turn the sound down on those channels and use the data from those midi channels to sequence the modular. i have my modular and opz going into my cheap little mackie mix 8 and then to my computer. Its nice being able to use the opz drum samples for the rhythmic piece and the modular for everything else.

Also the keystep comes in very handy, With this i can play one channel from the keystep and another channel from the opz at the same time. The new update allows you to press record on the z and sequence it from other external gear.

lastly, Im using my fire studio mobile to dump the sysex from my mac to the mutant brain.

forgot your second question which i kind of answered ‘’…using the other available midi tracks for sequencing my modular (no audio out from Z). is this possible?" absolutely. all you have to do is turn the track down from the yellow menu page and you are good to go.
hope this helps!


Oh wow this is amazing. Thank you sososososo much. Everything you said is exactly how I pictured it working/and how I wanted to use it. The point you made about being able to compose on the go and then connect to the modular is quite wonderful and something that is perfect for my lifestyle between work and touring.

Two Questions: When you use the Arp channel via mutant brain… it only outputs arp’s right? I hope in a future op-z update we can choose what we’d like each track to be regardless of what’s notated on the device its self.

Second (May be silly): Any particular reason why you bought a different usb cable than included with the Z? I usually am using the stock cable with an anker C to 3 adapter with no connectivity issues between my op-1 or digitakt.

I’m almost positive that I follow you on instagram if you’re the one with the mantis case :slight_smile:. I’ve seen you do some super rad stuff.

Yet again: thank you so much. About to place an order for one of these really soon :slight_smile:

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I do indeed have a mantis case and am on the gram! many thanks!

You are correct the arp does only put out an arp sequence. I agree it would be nice to be able to choose your own instruments per channel. The chords on the z sound so frigging good. I want a couple of those.

Good question about the usb cable. I bought that originally because i was using my ornament and crime(which required a micro usb) before my mutant brain showed up. good catch! you really only need the usb c to a adapter now that i think about it. I’m glad to be a help!

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Trying very hard to resist buying one right now

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Ha! I knew it was you.

And cool cool, thats what I thought. I agree, once you dial in some nice synth sounds on the Z you can get some really lush sounding chords.

Perfect, one less thing to buy.

Thanks again for all of the info, this answered all of my questions/concerns. You’re too kind!

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Inspired me to post a full vid. :wink: drums kick in at the 1:10 mark .

Opz is calling all the shots in this one. Cheers!


Any interest in sharing your config? :grimacing:

I just got my shuttle control and got the digitakt working fine, but I’m curious about the best way to break out channels and voices.

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Sure yeah.
The outputs of SC are shown here so u get the hint of which outputs I’m using for each row

So,I use the top 6 rows like this:
•cv1: midi channel 1 1V/Oct.
•cv9: midi channel 1 gate unipolar

Then the next Row (second from the top) starts like:
•cv2: midi channel 2 1V/Oct.
•cv10: midi channel 2 gate unipolar

We do it this way for each midi channel 1-6. Make sure they all are labeled “voice 1” in the SC editor. Having separate voices is good for poly. We’re doing mono.

So now we’re at the 7th row down, starting with CV7 and CV15. On the 8th and final row down, CV8 and CV16. I use them all in the SC “synchronization” sub menu on the editor (Link). I assign them to PPQ (original), PPQ /3 (32nd note), PPQ /6 (16th note), and “start/stop gate”. The start/stop is a gate that goes high when you push play on the opz, low when you hit stop. It’s good for Pamela’s new workout’s play jack, as well as to send to every sequencer’s “reset” in.
Save that to your SC, as well as many variations to see which preset in the SC u like best. I always have a few.

On the OPZ, enable midi clock send and track. There’s no input here so nothing can go wrong. Just need the outputs set to on.

If your modular sequencers aren’t playing along at the speed you wish, use different PPQ settings in the editor. I try a few till one makes my varigate 8+ perfect. You NEED resets. But I believe also you need a run gate so shit stops when you said to. The last part is optional, just the way I like it. Took me years to figure this all out.

Hope that helps.

This config works with any hardware sequencer hooked into Shuttle Control, FYI. Even ableton.


This is SO concise and helpful. I really appreciate the time you took to do this. Really, thanks!

My Pam’s has been indispensable as my go to clock&modulation source, but was hoping to do more LFO/Noise/Resets + cv/gate seq with Shuttle Control. I think I’m just suffering from choice overload with the all the customization choices and I wanted to have this exact convo with someone that’s using it and stand on some giant shoulders, as it were.

Shuttle Control is fantastic, but still not a ton of coverage from users in terms of vids, etc. Have you attempted/had any luck with Lemur?

My Varigate 8+ comes tomorrow and after receiving my Voltage Block last week, playing with Resets like you mentioned is totally where my head is at for creating a ton more rhythmic variation.

The real test is to see how the Malekko Combo of Varigate/Votage stacks up to the OP-Z step components through SC. I’m still a sucker for ratchets and ramps, so I’m eager to do the pepsi challenge.


Hey you’re welcome! I’m not the most verbose person online, and sometimes i feel i should share tricks more often…

I use the run/stop out via SC as my master reset, but also it goes into pam’s “Run” jack so things ALL start on the 1 for me. I like this way, but it also would be cool to go easy on resets with the polyrhythms possible with opz’s track lengths.
Pam can be doing insane lfo’s, random CV, and gate clocks all while also having preset changing in both pam/SC/v8+/voltage block/planar2/Rene2…
Pretty cool shit.


MIO arrived today, Mutant Brain tomorrow. Should be a blast. Thanks @MatthewAshmore for the help :slight_smile:

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20 chars of woot woot!!!


Has anyone tried their OP-Z with the Faderbank? Does it work?


i have.

no luck when plugged directly, using a USB B -> C adapter. if i route through my op-lab or laptop it works fine.

initially i was pretty excited about this pairing, but then i realized that the op-z saves all the engine settings with each pattern. this means every time you change patterns the faders might not match up with the real values and you’ll get a dramatic jump. for example: if i map a fader to the master filter, do a high-pass sweep, then jump to the next pattern where the filter is neutral - now if i touch that fader it’s going to instantly jump to high-pass again.

that said - it still could be pretty fun if a whole piece is contained to one sequence.


Thanks! And yes, I guess there is a lot of machines with MIDI that have this same problem - anything with pattern changes. Seems like a fun pairing in any case, if not for live sets.


So I went ahead and got one, managed to find a new one in my country with free shipping. Gotta say, it has surpassed my expectations in terms of what it’s capable of and how easy it is to use, and how small it is! I’ll have to transfer over some of my favourite OP-1 sounds.

Has anyone been pairing it with a keystep then CV out through that?


Not incorporating my whole skiff in this one, but here is my first experimentation with OP-Z, Mutant Brain & 0-Coast.

Lots of variation coming from step components, transpositions and punch in effects all pre-recorded into the sequencer.


New case, some new modules and here we are. I am having a blast!!!