Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I spoke with TE at Loop in Berlin in November. They told me that “bring your own screen” would be iOS only, and wouldn’t use an open screen protocol (like VNC).

So, no joy for us Android and Linux users… :disappointed:


It depends on Metal, a proprietary Apple framework.


Agreed. I would gladly plunk down money for an OP-2.

I like the size but would love for them to go all out and drop the enforced limitations. While that’s great in a lot of ways, I’d like to enforce my own limitations sometimes.

If I’m dreaming… Large/expandable drive, more and longer tracks, undo, bigger buffer for copy paste, manage and store multiple projects, easily shuffling snippets around on a track, easy merge down tracks, better sample editing, more control over LFOs and efffects, daisy chaining effects, naming files and projects directly in the OP, proper midi in/out.


I’m really curious about the unity intergration — whats actually possible on board the little device and how much of a pain will it be to set things up haha :). It could be a good excuse to learn unity or at least experiment and have some fun along the way.

Would love an op2. Although the po’s are very cool in their ownright, they never quite grabbed me the way the op1 did. That feeling leaves me wondering a lot about opZ, hopfully we’ll find out some time this year… :grinning:


I’ll be in Stockholm until the 28th, do you have more info about the event? I’d love to attend it!


Sure. It’s in Lund, way down in southern Sweden. Quite a far bit from sthlm. I will be playing a set there, under my moniker inuti on the stage presented by Teenage Engineering. :slight_smile:

The festival is called Eter, it’s their second year arranging it. Should be good! The people behind it are very cool and reasonable, active in the “scene” here in Malmö/Lund/Copenhagen. Last year was a success. Check the facebook event for more info!


I visited Lund once when I was over in Copenhagen with my friend Voks and playing a few shows in Germany mostly. Super cool town and a beautiful old church in the town too. :slight_smile:


Nice, thanks for the info! I’m afraid Lund is going to be a bit too far for me as I have to catch a plane at 7 am sunday morning, but it’s on my radar now. And I like the mood of your music, you have a new follower :slight_smile:


Nice. :slight_smile: Going a bit off-topic, but, It has one of Swedens oldest city centres. Lot’s of beautiful buildings, including the cathedral! Send a msg if you’re planning another visit.

@artsun I understand. Maybe next year :slight_smile: Thanks for the follow!


reminds me of the Nord Micromodular. It was a really cool idea for a modular synthesizer but the presets are the only thing to have survived since creating patches from modules was limited to a proprietary binary editor (macos 9 and win 95 only) and an undisclosed sysex implementation. seems likely that in 10 years an OP-Z could be a preset machine.


Nord modular editor will run on modern macs thanks to Wine now, and it works on modern Windows natively.

I hear you about proprietary frameworks. They are a drag. But it may not be the thing that makes or breaks the OP-Z. Time will tell.


I hadn’t thought of Wine, that’s clever. It’d be cool to have a virtual machine or docker container that has the binary + wine DLLs as a kind of frozen in time package…


Yeah, that sounds cool, but honestly it worked on the first try for me. Was really no big deal.


I’m more excited to see what TE does for IKEA (I believe the description was “light and sound devices for your party room”) than I am to see the OPZ hit the market.


A little more expensive than I expected, but I’m still pretty intrigued. Still can’t figure out if there’s an audio in jack.


This is somewhat helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuzMG1Wt_pE&t=2905s


Yeah, I get that there’s a tape, but it’s not clear that it can record external audio.


The spec on the B&H store page for it says there’s a single line in/out jack (I’m guessing stereo in and out using TRRS).



the B&H image appears to have shed those 4 yellow jacks on the backside (top pic is from the synthtopia article)


They aren’t visible on the official page now either: https://www.teenageengineering.com/products/op-z

They were shown in this old NAMM video:

I’m guessing they’ve been discarded over time. I wonder if they were intended to be cv related?