Teenage Engineering OP-Z


gotta say, that the implications of this sequencer are pretty awesome. a lot of numerology kinda vibes. but after watching the cuckoo video, seeing the live footage of the performances… this thing sounds terrible. its got a casio demo kinda feel to it, that sucks. TE has the interaction and interfacing dept. on lock, but they need some sound and character love big time. at least with the OP1 you can sample to overcome it, but this isn’t gonna hit any marks for me.


A rough recording of a live show don’t make me fret none.

You know, the sound character, or quality of the OP-Z is something I’m pretty excited about, based on playing their previous instruments. I know what I’m able to get out of the Pocket Operators alone. Each iteration gets better and better, and nothing so far indicates TE is heading in the opposite direction.


each their own. i thought the recording of the show was pretty clear! haha
the tonic can make some great noise. but its an outsourced engine. having had a couple OP1s
i could just never get anything good without samples and extreme processing. finally used one on a recent record and i got rid of it after. just kinda anemic. dont know all the details yet, but if the OPZ can load a bunch of samples it could be cool. just nothing interesting ive heard yet.


If you didn’t like the other TE machines, i think there’s a good chance you won’t like the next one, but who knows :wink: — i think the big draw is the sequencer and of course the visual aspect.

Personaly i think it will sound much like the previous machines (which I like) , but I agree, so far its not been demo’d enough to get a good feel for it. I suppose they’re hiding these details purposefully (until beta is over?) and we’ll all just have to wait. … i would kill for some of those details tho!


BEYOND STOKED to start making some probabilistic/generative-MIDI-sequenced-VR pieces in unity with this yall


For what it’s worth…


Preorders are open!



In the time I could work out why I couldn’t add it to my cart… sold out :stuck_out_tongue:


whats the price in Euros?


Not sure in euros, but in GBP it was £545. Which, converted to USD, isn’t that about $100 more than retailers have been posting?


Wow, that went crazy fast! Glad I got my preorder in.

I’ve been looking for a nudge into adding visuals to music, and the sequencing seems very live friendly. Excited!


€599 shipping included.


In USD they’re asking the same price as retailers like Sweetwater, etc. are selling pre-orders for.



OP-1 - Worthwhile Investment?

I went from feeling “meh” about the OP-Z to thinking it’ll become one of the most interesting pieces of hardware I can think of once that expansion (or expansions) comes to fruition!

…the video above is pretty compelling, too!


yeah the expansion cartridge/module concept is pretty clever. i look forward to seeing what modules come out for it. feels like a video game console :slight_smile:

some cool things i’ve learned while beta testing:

• it’s a usb host, so you can plug in an op-1 or whatever if you don’t feel like playing on the tiny buttons.

• it’s a straight up 16 track midi sequencer with all sorts of cool sequencing tricks (step components, separate pattern length per track, sequence fx.) so you could completely ignore the internal sound engine and still have a capable and compact sequencing platform.

• you can control all of the internal sound engine parameters via midi


Oh wow, this is very interesting. I knew it was a 16 track sequencer but I didn’t know it offered 16 MIDI tracks rather than just one.


yeah the 16 tracks are each set to output on a different midi channel


@shellfritsch, does it feel like a good interface for sequencing, without a screen or additional controller involved?

trying to wrap my head around using such a tiny surface for that many tracks…