Teenage Engineering OP-Z


My concern was that the synthesis engines, though usable without a screen, would feel less complete without the screen info, though perhaps thats not the case. The OP-Z design reminds me of the Pocket Operators which were perhaps too feature packed for the interface in my opinion.


Yeah, I’m not sure what’s up with that. There’s no link, and nothing is showing up (at least in the U.S.) in the Mac App store.


I promise I checked the manual first, but…does the Z sync with the PO’s via click track like the OP-1?


Fwiw I played with one for quite a while at moogfest and did not have a screen attached. I was still able to do a lot.


I had to look up what “DMX lighting control” means as a feature. It hit me that this probably plays into their IKEA stuff, which has been described as including “lighting to make a party in your house.” Fingers crossed the OP-Z will plug into it somehow and home-jams ensue.


Also - Sweetwater has pre-ordering / backordering turned on. I wrote them to ask about timing. I put in an order last night, they said I’m in the delivery bucket for the next shipment they get from TE, which they believe will be in mid-November.

While the above is still true, for a variety of reasons I canceled the order. I put in an order at Big City Music. Will see if they actually have them in stock, or if it’s a mistake on the website. :crossed_fingers:


If you try a search for DMX in this forum, there are a few threads about it.


Big City Music appears to have them in stock, per their instagram. I haven’t reached out to them about logistics / shipping times / pre orders / etc, since I am not in the market for one myself. But for those who are, check it out :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip…spoke to big city, said they had a real small batch and are selling quick. put my order in should ship today.


i just got the last one :stuck_out_tongue:

excited to have in time for my tour. i want to make a tour music video with it.


That photomatic app…even though it’s pretty straightforward and not terribly amazing…was the clincher. I think it’s going to be simple enough that it’ll end up getting used a ton in my house.


wow i would be so excited to have a couple lamps in my house that jammed out to what op-z was playing


In a high security safe at TE HQ there’s a manila folder marked “secret plan.” In that folder there’s a single sheet of paper that says, “make every house party super awesome.”


Thanks for the tip! I’ve had a preorder with Sweetwater since January (no joke… ordered it the day I got back from NAMM). They still have no clue when their shipment arrives, but now my OP-Z arrives on Friday!


Got mine today. If youve used an OP-1 for a reasonable amount of time, a decent part of the Z will feel like home. The rest is coming along fluid and intuitive. It’s deeper than it looks, and music making is just fine with no screen… I almost already prefer it, though it is nice for learning.

The photo sequencing is trippy and awesome, just need to put my learning cap on for unity/videolab.


Hey folks, how is the OP-Z for music less based in sequencing? Say drone for example. And how much control do you have over the synthesis? I’ve seen that is has units and such, but really the ER-301 is looking more attractive to me right now in terms of how deep it can go. Can the OP-Z accept and respond to complex modulation sources say, like from Max/MSP, via USB?

The manual seems to treat it mostly like a standalone machine. I’ve been searching for a couple days now and I could not even clear out if it is possible to multitrack record the OP-Z, but I’m sure this is just me not being able to find the information, right?


Would be surprised if it multitracked. OP-1 doesn’t.

301 is almost all sound design, OP-Z is largely about sequencing, so it’s a matter of needs. And this is just top level, obviously: 301 needs a case and other modules, OP-Z is portable, etc.


The OP-Z has 16 tracks of various sequencing types. The OP-1 has four Tape tracks for recording.


As I understood @lbet 's question, I think he was referring to getting multiple audio streams of different OP-Z tracks out to a DAW simultaneously – and to that, I think the answer is negative.


So I’ve seen a few videos and stuff, wondering if there’s something I’m missing, but I guess this thing is designed for the opposite of me. I find nothing about it interesting or captivating, and much more it seems like a nightmare (having an external screen, menu diving on tiny buttons with illegible states), and a focus on “sequencing” is not for me…

(I don’t really like poo-pooing on stuff, so I’m wondering if there’s still something I don’t understand)