Teenage Engineering OP-Z


It appears to be working directly with the FH-1 with default settings. Very cool, yay!


And I tried doing a little ambient with it (in the main street, in Cuneo, northern Italy)


This is amazing. I’m quite excited to use this as drone synth. I was debating an op-1 or op-z. But this made me decide that both will be great for a portable studio.


That’s a bit like Picasso saying “I made this thing with only a single paintbrush”. You’ve set a high bar.


Mine is still in the mail, somewhere in USPS-land. In the meantime, can someone help me understand what cabling I’m going to need to hook up a midi keyboard directly to the Z? It comes with a USB-C -> A cable, but if I want to connect the OP-1 directly to the Z and use it as a keyboard…what magic cable will I need to pick up? The idea of Z being a USB host is super exciting, but I’m really unclear how to physically connect the two.


Use an usb-c to female usb-a adapter and then you can use your usual cable :slight_smile:


Those of you looking for an OP-Z, the MoMA store appears to have them in stock:

It’s fun seeing what people come up with using this. Not sure if it appeals to me and how I work, but it seems like there’s a lot of unlocked potential.


have you found an adapter that works? i’ve tried two and they both don’t work for me. so far only had luck with a powered hub or op-lab…

these are the ones i’ve tried:


On the dedicated facebook group a beta tester posted a jam with both the OPs using this one. I have yet to buy one but I will report back!


Has anybody tried this with Mutable Yarns???


On the MIDI controller front i’ve tried using the OP-Z to directly control a Deckard’s Dream and in the modular with an FH-2 — both with no issue and no settings adjustments.

But tried using it with my OPLAB and it seems to frekout — with the OPLAB quickly blinking the led on either USB port I plug it into and no response from any of the OP-Z’s buttons.

Any thoughts from anyone who may have tried an OP-Z/OPLAB combo?


I don’t have the oplab but I bet they’re both trying to be USB host. There’s a setting in the USB section of the OPZ manual about setting host v. not host.


I’m waiting for the OP-Z I ordered to ship, but I have an Oplab (it’s an older version with an initial capital letter in the logo).

Beside the dueling USB host issue that @cmcavoy mentioned, I also wonder which mode and selection setting your oplab may have been set to?


@andrewhuang’s video was insightful and charming, as always.


I haven’t tested the configuration extensively yet, but my OP-Z seems to work with sending MIDI to norns, ansible, and trilogy earthsea. :grinning:


It was on setting 0, with the USB port the OP-Z was plugged into sending to all the other outputs.

I plugged in another midi controller on the same USB port to see if it was just an OPLAB issue and it worked fine, so only an issue when the OP-Z was plugged in.

And double checked that the OP-Z still worked fine as a midi controller when plugged directly into the FH-2 and my Decards Dream.


Thank you for testing. The OP-Z guide for supported devices lists the oplab as being able to directly connect to the OP-Z, but that it needs external power.


So it should work, but how to get it to work is another matter. To complicate things, my Oplab seems to have a mind of its own at times. :upside_down_face:


Can also confirm I’m externally powering the OPLAB when I have the issue.


Thank you again, this helps.


I wonder how much of the screenless UI is Teenage Engineering once again being way out ahead of a design curve that has only just started to manifest, and for which they’ll get consensus praise for in the coming years: