Teenage Engineering PO Modular



Really reminds me of LEGO with the instruction manual.

Pocket Rack to Eurorack?: https://teenage.engineering/_img/5c40d68837f9710004314dd3_original.pdf

I think a description of the individual models can be found in the manual here? (page 25): https://teenage.engineering/_img/5c41dae0112491000438e5b5_original.pdf



these look cool and quite a bit larger/more extensive than I expected. that 400 series looks really interesting; I’m curious to hear more examples.

also, it looks like modules are coming?


The design of this is great, love that yellow on the 400 and love the lego knobs!

First the Volca Modular and now this…


This is really cool, but does does is have to do with the pocket operator series? Seems a bit strange to brand it that way unless I’m missing something.


Ooh! My bank manager’s going to love me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wonder if the OP-Z CV module will show up next…?


Check this out!


I have to admit that this is pretty awesome. Teenage Engineering have beat Behringer to market, and have done it with out ripping anything off (at least blatantly) in the process.


cool thing is that is eurorack power compatible
so a battery power euro system is now possible with their module :wink:


the initial release are in a fixed format chassis, without faceplates, presumably to keep costs down?

I guess once they release the individual modules we will see the faceplates and the ‘pocket modular’, and perhaps adapters for eurorack?

and perhaps a upgrade for purchases of these systems?


Maybe, or it seems like they’re encouraging diy releasing the specs?


3x oscillators (square, saw, sine)
mixer (3-channel)
sequencer (16-step)
keyboard (16-note membrane)
won ton mystery module (never to be sold)
plus a power distro board and a battery psu


The Animal Chin reference made me do a swoon


could be, i guess it wont take someone long to 3d print faceplates for all the modules if thats the case.

but if so, why don’t TE just publish 3d files for this… they already have the CAD for the modules, so surely only a few hours work to convert them into a eurorack faceplate design, which they could release online.

the other thing required would be some kind of eurorack adapter for power supply, again something that should be easy enough to make, depending on the modules power requirements.


One step closer to getting a OP-1 tape recorder module. Seriously, that would be fantastic.


I believe the docs said they run off ±12v with a 3-pin 2.54 mm connector, so it seems a simple cable to go from 3-pin to 10-pin Eurorack would be needed.


…but… as an existing eurorack owner, why would I buy any of these modules over, lets say, doepfer?

As a basis for a system, this is great. If I wasn’t already neck-deep in modular, it’d definitely be an option, but none of these modules excite me or have that spark of creative invention I love from TE.


Such cool industrial design, but the actual module designs are pretty exceptionally boring, surprising considering its TE.


Hmm. As a person with a medium sized modular system already I find the Volca Modular much more appealing. These are a little bit more expensive than I would personally pay.


I’m actually very interested in the standalone sequencer, especially if it can take some sort of DC power rather than batteries.


I’m awaiting for them to release digital modules based off of the code for OP-1/OP-Z instruments/effects etc. That would be quite amazing.