Teenage Engineering PO Modular


Simple analog modules but the few audio demos sound pretty gnarly n unique


I’m really really digging this. Yeah the modules are not exciting but the design is fantastic. I don’t need it but I’m not sure I can resist…


The keyboard seems great. Wait and see…
The other ones… :thinking:


I mean, they’re clearly focused on the systems right now, which are very much targeted at first-time modular users, and which require a bunch of boring modules. I think it’s just an opportunity to also make the modules generally available that didn’t make sense to ignore.

If this is a money-maker for them, I’m sure more interesting modules will come.


Frankly if it speaks 1v/8 (or configurable for the scaling), the more the merrier.


So good looking. But… disposable battery powered? Seems inconvenient (and wasteful) in the long run. Or am I missing something? Does it look like you could power it any other way?


Can’t you use rechargeable AA batteries?


glad to see more cheap modular stuff not made by behringer!!


At first I was super excited, but after checking prices and seeing that most of the modules are typical subtractive stuff my enthusiasm dwindled a little. But I am interested in keyboard (because of custom scaling) and maybe a speaker (probably depends how powerful it is, but putting a speaker into modular case might make it feel even more as a standalone instrument).
Hopefully TE will release in the future more crazy modules like CV controlled punch in effects etc.


Yes, according to the note on the product specifications section:

power supply: there is no power supply included. if you want to run the CH-400 or CH-170 on wall power you need an adapter with the following specifications:

  • AC/DC adapter

  • 12V, min 1A (12 watt)

  • polarity: center negative

  • plug: 4.75/1.7mm



Yes, they’ve only appeared to rip off excellent design sensibility (Braun/Rams), and for that I shall reward them with hard earned dollar bills.


Of all things, the keyboard is the most interesting!


Anyone else notice that the patch cables are TRS?


For transmitting clocks like the standalone P.O maybe ? Or reducing noise ? :upside_down_face: I really like the design of these things


Given that the knobs are Lego :tm:…I could use my kid’s vast collection of Lego to control things…instead of CV? Is this the dawn of a physical interface control pattern in modular?

A new ERA?


CV is out, Technics and Mindstorms - way in.


The keyboard is cool and useful – being able to dial in the frequency of each individual key is great and will be a nice controller to use with many racks. As for the synth modules… very underwhelming and adds nothing.


Oh that’s great. Maybe there’s a way with the keyboard too (like to some others here, that’s the one that looked the funnest to me most first).


Think it’s for stereo?


Until we hear otherwise, my assumption is that the majority of the jacks are mono despite TRS but they wanted some jacks to be capable of PO sync. So they standardized to TRS.


The clock signal going from the OP-Z to the sequencer