Teenage Engineering PO Modular


What’s the chassis made of? Is it cardboard?


It’s made of sheet metal, as described on their website (linked above).


Thanks, for the life of me I could not find that on the page.


Well, there’s a whole lot going on that page. But here’s the relevant text…

think twice, bend once.

all kits come with the parts you need to build your own personal modular synthesiser. start with the sheet metal chassis. the sheet metal parts (A,B) come flat so you need to bend them

accordingly (don’t worry, the kit includes a 70 page illustrated color manual with clear instructions and bend angles). most people manage to build one in under 15 minutes.

when the chassis is done, you move on to mount the modules (M), snap in the wire connectors and finalize your build with knobs and rubber feets.just follow the steps and you’ll be fine.


important question:
what’s with the metal hand?


Answering my own question here: There’s a TE ‘Behind The Scenes’ vid on YouTube (link here - it’s around the 37 seconds mark) which seems to show just that.

Interestingly it’s labelled ‘oplab’ but that definitely looks like an op-z to me…



It’s an OP-Z with an oplab module installed in it.


Very much agree with this. What’s the point of modular if it’s all such regular subtractive stuff? The front panels being printed with the module names on it doesn’t inspire much devotion to the systems being modular. And the module designs are somewhat confusing. Are the different outs for the oscillators all the same? The filter too? Just an lpf? Or a standard filter with hp, lp and bp? Looking forward to some cool digital modules- any of the op-1 synth engines, the tape recorder, the buffer effect from op-z. In the meantime am looking forward to the keyboard (pre-ordered!) to pair with my 0 coast. Hope it arrives in that maroon and dark black color.


Hmmm… I don’t see much C.V. control on these modules. It isn’t clear to me that there is all that much one could patch with these other than the “standard” synth flow.


Seems like a majority of the online euro crowd is too used to overtly complex stuff and digital powerhouse trickery(treachery?)and maybe have forgotten the power in a simple subtractive voice …folks could use a synth like this to rediscover.

There is noise, dedicated fm inputs, the filter has 2 cv ins, multiple outputs for most modules so you do not require multiples or stackables. a well featured sequencer and fun keyboard seq …I indeed see a lot of exploration to be had even for the fully featured synthhead as every synth sounds unique…but i am well versed getting complex generative stuff out of seemingly simple synths.

I would never advise a beginner to euro cos u miss the fun of discovering what the original now boring subtractive method holds. It indeed holds alot of potential for fresh stuff with the right pair of ears.

The layout is really great for fresh minds.


I don’t think the point here is to appeal to the person with 20k in modular gear already. This is to appeal to the synth person who has been thinking about going modular for a while. This is an easy and semi affordable way to dip your feet in that water.

I think it is brilliant at that as well. Visually appealing design that is sure to draw in many, and a basis to easily expand should you decide you like the water and want to stay.

None of their modules are really competing with any modules now, as they are all super rudimentary and basic. I think this is great.


but why use a modular at all if you are going to stick to a particular voice structure? there are plenty of other options, including semi modular, or all-in-ones ( e.g. mother32)

that said, I actually agree with you, I think it’s actually not a bad set of modules, with good functionality including cv inputs.

I also think its beautiful in design and as an educational tool - it looks inviting, really clear, and complexity is minimised.

the only issue I have is ‘the case’…
the module selection is great for a beginner, but at the moment TE is not showing how you could move on from this - they talk about adding new modules, but you cannot use them in this fixed chassis.

(ok, Im also sceptical on the jacks not being panel mounted, and so durability, with patch cables being yanked in/out all day - but time will tell)

I’d love to see TE, step up, and say something like:
“and when you want to expand your system, there will be an ability to upgrade your system to eurorack with our affordable pocket case, and faceplates for your modules”

(I get that you could DIY faceplates, and ribbon cables, but this feels like its should be part of TEs plan for PO modular)

at the moment, it feels like a fantastic starter kit, but with a bit of an unclear vision…
but overall I love it :heart_eyes:


Ya true I was wondering about the same thing. Will have to see how that pans out.

But did they talk about adding new modules or just breaking out the existing ones?

About the unit itself being a fixed un-expandable design, i reckon thats allright as they are trying to create a fixed instrument. A bunch of old modulars from the past such as Electrocomp i think were also like this and I find them still endearing.

From the demos I heard the sound was quite idiosyncratic.To me that plays a big part in wanting a particular piece of kit.


Would love to hear Eric Barbour’s reaction to that yellow.


Because you can choose your own subtractive signal flow. That’s the kind freedom only modular has. Want a different VCO? Fine. Different Filter? Fine. etc.

I think people give subtractive synthesis too much shit tbh.


As a subtractive apologist, I wholeheartedly agree. I see too many posts (elsewhere, not here) somehow quantifying “modular” by how west coast something is.


It’s all cyclical, I imagine. WC is still something new and exploratory for most people, though with widespread exposure I imagine it will all even out.

I think the new TE system looks pretty rad, and including CV on the OP-Z is brilliant. Making it part of a larger ecosystem rather than a “quirky standalone” makes a world of difference. TE is killing it right now.


Wholeheartedly agree and it seems like that’s one of the most foundational elements of modular to me: choice.


Eh, its a primary color, Metasonix doesn’t exactly own the color yellow.


the visual design (especially the knobs) and dimensions seem appealing and playable

as others have stated i’m more excited by the price point and what the “pocket op” branding means than the current functionality

if like the other po’s, this is the beginning of a series? i eagerly await the things they’ll eventually release in this format

it is gorgeous
and i prefer releasing news once all units are done and it’s available to buy

better than waiting yrs for an announcement to become reality