Teenage Engineering TX-6

Now that it’s a reality I think TX-6 deserves a dedicated thread for users to share thoughts, questions, and experiences w/ the new field mixer!

While criticism and complaints can form a healthy part of online discussion about tech…my hope is that negative feedback found here can be limited to experiences and impressions shared by those who own & use this new thing (and potentially sell theirs out of frustration/disappointment). Please try to honor that wish if possible :slight_smile:

All available info in summary:


3rd Party Review

For those who have taken the plunge…how do you plan to fit TX-6 into your workflow??


The 1010Music Bluebox is described as being able to handle modular level signals. Does anyone know if this can do the same? (Apols if I’ve missed it somewhere!)


The specs say “max level 8 dBu, 2 Vrms”. 2 volts RMS is about 5.5 volts peak-to-peak, meaning ±2.75V maximum voltage swing before it starts clipping and/or misbehaving.

So if the specs are correct, it will not take modular level signals which are often ±5V and upwards - you’ll need to attenuate before going in.


great question @teamoth
until it’s in the hands of more reviewers and users i’d assume no, it cannot

seems like something worth advertising but nothing in TE official documentation seems to indicate it will have that ability

also @kbra (or anyone really) are there similar specs for op1 or opz available online? i’ve been meaning to compare dynamic range of each machine…can’t seem to find the figures tho


TE have themselves headed down the modular road a bit haven’t they? Perhaps they’ll want to address this themselves so that their machines all work together nicely.


glad to see this thread! still waiting on shipping, but will happily report back when i get some hands on time :cowboy_hat_face:


OP-Z specs list dynamic range (115dB) but it’s unclear if they’ve measured that or if that’s theoretical dynamic range of the ADC or DAC. I couldn’t find similar info for OP-1.

Neither seem to have maximum input signal levels or nominal output levels specified, or at least I couldn’t find any. I guess TE sort of wanted to underline with the TX-6 that this is an actual serious device with this kind of actual demonstrated specs. (?)

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excitedly reading this now

they really don’t seem to have sent out units to influencers and media which, honestly, is quite refreshing :smile: i’ve been really frustrated by that trend a few times recently and it’s cool to see TE try something different


I spent 2 or 3 days mad about the price but this just looks too cool. Preordered this morning.


Minor enginerding pt. 2: the CDM article mentions it’s a 32 bit USB interface. It’s interesting they’ve gone there and I wonder if that’s for some practical reason or just for fun / for the sake of being able to say that in the specifications.

The ADC and DAC do support 32 bit word lengths, but input signal to noise is more like 18 bits and output 20 bits (if those are measured real world values, they’re very good!), so in that sense a 24 bit interface would have been way more than enough already (like practically anything except precious few field recorders with fancy multi-stage converters and super quiet preamps)

I guess we’ll find out at some point!


i got my shipping notice today! should be here tomorrow since i live in stockholm.

so funny that this little mixer was released- i had no idea this is what their new product was going to be. but i have been looking for a small mixer for years now. i used the roland M-10MX for 10 years of touring. totally loved it so much! kind of hated the RCA jacks but overall it was amazing. it kind of eventually got worn down from so much touring, and it got replaced with the patchblocks PBMIX-3. obviously not nearly as many inputs as the roland but with one effect send. and damn, i love that little mixer!!! but i only have one and i got it after they stopped making them. now i’m so paranoid that its going to break when i’m on tour. and its only 3 inputs!

and so just last week i had put in a pre-order for one of the tangible waves VMIX-10 that i saw on the minimal mixers thread here on lines. i wasn’t excited about it at all, its about twice as big as the PBMIX-3 but it has of course way more inputs and also 2 effect sends. i did get one of those kvgear vixen mixers from the kickstarter but flipped it as soon as it arrived because it was not at all what i needed… and the VMIX-10 really reminded me of that, its almost the same design?

but then i saw the tx-6… its like a dream come true! and to those people saying that its insanely small, and who would need something that small… well: i was just flying home from paris 2 weeks ago and had the most insane experience at the airport for the return flight. i checked in my suitcase but then had a small backpack and a small handbag which had all my electronic gear in it which can’t be checked in. i get to security, go through the ticket check and then get pulled aside. 2 agents were weighing every bag of carry-on luggage. i had both my bags below the limit of weight easily but they claimed that added together they were overweight and they forced me to check in another bag! i only had soft-sided backpacks… i pulled everything from both my bags and laid it all out on the floor. then i literally did the math in my head of what would be the cheapest things to replace (though, to be clear, none of it would be cheap, i just mean cheap-er!!!) when they get broken from having to be checked. one of the things that didn’t make the cut to get carried on was my stupid big mixer. its some sort of whatever 8 channel mixer blah blah. just huge and heavy compared to all my other gear. if i would have had the tx-6 i could have just thrown it in my back pocket and gone through security!!!

but seriously, i’m always fighting the limits of how much stuff to have on tour. i had 10 suitcases for my one man show off-broadway this february. and for my carry-on stuff i was counting every single item for its shape, size, weight. it sounds silly but at least that’s where i’m at with the market i perform in, the budgets, the logistics of touring. when i write it here it sounds really kind of stupid to be so much on the edge of what is possible in terms of the scope of my touring. like, maybe i should step up my game and work out my life so i can travel with a bigger mixer?? but hey, now at least for the moment i won’t have to once my tx arrives!


@kbra @glia I couldnt find anything online regarding the op-z input levels via the mic input other than “mic level”. I contacted their support and asked some specific questions regarding level, clipping, max tolerated levels, input impedance and risk of damage. They spoke to the “engineers” who said max of 0.5v rms and exceeding this will risk damaging the op-z (ie there’s no input protection). Input impedance is “~10k”.
Not sure about dynamic range or how they have defined it but I wonder how different it is via usb, mic or line module…



i wish they had more info available but having experienced op1 and opz sound quality, whatever the specs, i was pleased

most of my new album was recorded using opz kinda like a usb mic :slight_smile:
i assume this will equal or exceed the converters there

this whole post is great and i see what you mean
i was hoping people had stories like this to share

it is a useful looking thing not just a luxury paperweight!


I agree about the lack of info and it took quite a bit of effort to get the info from support…

I am so conflicted with the op-z - it’s pretty much my most fun bit of kit (it’s also great for sequencing eurorack) but I am so frustrated with the build quality - bending and encoders popping out on mine. It’s not a cheap bit of kit for such poor build quality that it’s just so annoying. I’m also really annoyed with myself in that I’m actually seriously considering getting another one (despite the build issues and frustration) - just because I really enjoy it so much and cant imagine being without one ! I’ve got one in my amazon shopping basket because they offer 3-year warranty (for extra cost) ! (I even took it on a see kayaking )trip around the Thai islands where we borrowed a friend’s sea kayaks and were doing some long days in the boats - 8 hours paddling with some big crossings - we took hammocks, stoves and food and stopped at random islands - I took the op-z along for playing in the hammock on the beach :slight_smile:

EDIT - sorry - this is a bit off topic !!! Pls delete if it’s too off-topic !


it’s on topic

its hard to honestly assess TX6 w/o acknowledging how special the integrated rechargeable battery is

anywhere you’ve taken your opz you can take a tx mixer and that portability is both liberating & amazingly useful


I hope the battery is replaceable at least somehow, without resorting to iPhone level surgery - because that’s a definite killer feature, and it’d be great to be able to keep those things still running long on battery once the first one wears out.

I wonder if TE have a word out about this already? I guess for OP-Z it’s relatively easy to change a new battery if you can get a replacement, for OP-1 quite tedious but you can still do it if you dismantle most of it. I guess I’m afraid the miniaturization makes things more difficult here…

(Own a Synthstrom Deluge - it’s both superb you can run it hours on batteries AND there’s a standard 18650 “flashlight battery” inside that you can get from a local store and replace when the old one starts to feel worn out. You can fit the whole set of OP-1, OP-Z and TX-6 in the size of the Deluge though…)


For the OP-Z I bought a spare battery pretty much when I bought the op-z - I got one from ifixit.co.uk a few years ago… (I’m always paranoid about batteries dying for kit when it is no longer made!)


Brilliant idea. Batteries are shelf stable if they’re not in a circuit I assume? I had trouble sourcing a norns battery this year, perhaps I should have bought two!


Good move, I saw ifixit had stock and looks like they’re an official TE partner - had stock that is, right now out of stock at least. Seems like it’s officially user replaceable as well which is great. Hope the TX-6 is more like that than the OP-1 (where it looks like the battery is quite standard and can be replaced but needs a lot of dismantling).

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With batteries I’d imagine that it’s not a custom unit as the production cost would be astronomical. I have to assume it’s an off-the-shelf, readily available, relatively cheap unit. It would be product suicide to anything else IMO which means replacing it really depends on whether they designed the unit to be opened by regular people.

Again, product suicide to make it non-changeable easily when there is zero network of authorised, capable technicians to do it (like the iphone has) and terrible press if they expect people to ship units back to them to do it (as well as that being massively unprofitable)