Teenage Engineering TX-6

Follow up on this Samsung drive.

Fits a TE Slimline cable in channel sixes input as well (another thumb drive I had was blocking the input):ok_hand:


Something I haven’t seen people mention about the pots is that I find I can turn them pretty comfortably by resting my fingertip on the top of a knob and turning my finger. The readout on the screen means that I don’t actually need to see where the line on the top of the knob is pointed (I tend to watch the screen when turning a knob from the side anyway).


Now I’m wanting some field series microphones to turn tx-6 into a real field recording device


i too want this. i don’t know what it would look like, but it would be awesome


it’s wonderful that the tx 6 now also records audio, but my beloved bluebox has been able to do this for a long time and only costs half as much

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lots of things can record. this functionality is notable here because this thread is about the tx-6 and it’s capabilities.

there’s a great thread on the bluebox over here:


i’ll admit since it keeps coming up that i will probably never own a 1010 box because of the userbase :sweat_smile:

absolutely insufferable
(i know i know…some fraction of you are good people)


20 characters of wholesome photos from Superbooth of mini mixer makers happily co-existing


is that what that means?

xlr is balanced mono. and there are these type of cables

:person_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :person_shrugging:

you’d need a powered mic tho


i’ll admit i dont know what this means

can you (or someone else) explain a bit more?

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Field recording with a wingie 2, fully dry, is a pretty funny setup.


you can stream audio from a usb drive while using the mixer :cowboy_hat_face:

this is crappy phone audio, but you could record the main out for better quality


CME has a pretty sweet deal on some TE Slimeline Cables. Picked some up recently. They fit the tx-6 + Norns perfectly!


i am doing research based on this…excellent overview

now i REALLY wish tx at least had PiP

But does it have a rechargeable battery and is it also a class-compliant usb audio interface? My Yamaha MG10 can act as an audio interface and I got it for $10!

Any TE fan will tell you that it’s hard to translate the user experience to a dollar amount, but nobody I know with a TX-6 has a problem with the cost because, while it may be expensive, there actually isn’t anything on the market that directly competes with it. I’d love it if people stopped talking about how much it costs. It is not a cheap thing, but that has been well established at this point. Sorry if that came across as rude, not my intention, I just want everyone on here to enjoy chatting with one another and I’ve noticed no one has fun when we’re talking about money. We have an expensive hobby!

I think the blue box is cool and if it had a built in battery I would snag one, but with the TX-6 is kind of a dream mixer for me, so I’ll keep saving up! I’ve only ever owned lower end mixers and TX-6 is the first one I’ve seen that instantly ticks all my boxes.


I took the peli 1010 on your advice. I added the mousse and sliced it a little thinner. Now the TX doesn’t move anymore because it is held by the foam on top. Thx!


Man, being able to snapshot the knobs is a pretty sweet little tool to have.

My dream functionality would one day be able to use the AUX output from an audio host. So, like, if I were using an iPad as my host plugged in to the TX-6, with all my hardware heading in to the app of choice, I could route, say, a sample or a AUv3 from the iPad to my AUX output. That way I could route more to my FX AUX device.


i agree, being able to target the aux output as a discrete interface channel would be very useful.

i shared a workaround earlier in this thread:

eats up one of the tx-6 channels - but works great.


My trusty battery powered Sony stereo condenser mic from the DAT days works perfectly well w/ the TX-6.

Wondering if anyone has recommendations for a more modern equivalent