Teenage Engineering TX-6

Thanks ! Need to find somewhere closer to buy some bc Ctrl charges 50$ for shipping :smiling_face_with_tear:

One question for eurorack users: is it possible to use the mixer with modular signals or you will need to attenuate first?

Definitely attenuate first to bring the signal down pretty significantly! I’ve been using the koma attenuator cable for this, which works perfectly for using modular with the tx-6


It’s obvious what I’m going to say but if your signal is coming out of a vca or a mixer and therefore already attenuated from your eurorack then it works normally. From my xpan or the bus output of my shared system I have no problems.


Has anyone successfully used tx6 as a Bluetooth midi controller?

I’ve got it to work with iPhone using a cable just fine, but I can’t get it to work with Bluetooth.

I’ve connected tx6 over BLE to iPhone using midimttr. Midi ctrl out is turned on. Tx6 shows up as an input and destination in lots of apps. But none of them are receiving any cc messages.

I installed midiwrench to spy on midi data, tx6 is present as a connected input and output but it shows no incoming cc data from tx6 over BLE.

I can’t think what I’m missing! Has anyone done this in the wild? It’s mentioned as a possibility in reviews but I haven’t done across live examples.

I have this same question but for computer! I’d love to be able to use this (and op1f) as wireless midi controllers but I haven’t found any tutorials anywhere – for a DAW at least

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Ah have you tried on computer over BLE and tx6 doesn’t work as a midi controller their either?

While i probably won’t ever get a TX-6 i am saving up for the RK-008.

RK002 / RK008 and the TX6 in polyphony - YouTube

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Hi, does anyone have a reference for a Y audio splitter cable to double my aux output. I’m looking for a slim cable of course so as not to interfere with the cue output. Thanks!

Teenage engineering’s are really solid. Can usually find them on reverb at a discount.

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@PedalsandChill 20 character of thank you!

Has anyone managed to sync the TX-6 clock output with Teletype?

i just tried it and got it running. the midi in ops are great :slight_smile:

on TX-6 set clock output to on, and turn off usb charging. then connect the usb to teletype.

on TT, set a script to respond to midi clocks, for this example, script 1 will respond to midi event type 4 (that’s clock):

MI.$ 4 1

i just entered that command in live mode and now script 1 fires when a clock is received. in script 1 i put:

TR.P 1

to have teletype fire a trigger off on each clock pulse.

that’s it!


That’s great. I totally forgot the possibilities over midi. I just tried it via the cue / aux outputs and this seems not working. My assumption was that the levels of 2V are too less to detect

This makes me wonder (and forgive me if this was discussed): can one plug the OP-1field USB directly into teletype USB to accomplish similar sync?

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i just checked and it works!


am going to definitely try this out!!!
what firmware TT are you running?

right now i’m running a branch that has the new DR ops discussed here:

it should work on the current version though! midi ops have been in there for awhile :cowboy_hat_face:


I think I got it going…
Just to be clear, the:

MI.$ 4 1

Needs to sit in the METRO script, right? (At least that’s how it works for me.) Does the M need to be set to something super fast for the clock to stay in sync? Or is TT listening for MIDI continuously, outside of the scripted events?

nah, you just need to run it once. either in live mode, or by putting it in your init script and reloading the scene. that line just tells TT which script to trigger should the midi event you’re listening for be detected. :slight_smile: