Teenage Engineering TX-6

@MatthewAshmore Yep, I’m using this one. I’ve reached out to TE and they mentioned toggling the charger function off. Also, they said “it might be that if it is connected to an ipad then it isn’t drawing charge from that or the ipad isn’t giving charge even though it’s available.”


Indeed, I just retested and I finally succeeded. Thank you for confirming that it was possible and thank you for your help!


Simple question, but it involves enough steps to be daunting for me. I have a project at 86bpm in Logic. I want to sync up new stems using the click out of TX-6 to modular. Basically I would like the click out of TX-6 to start when I begin recording in Logic. I am not sure who gets to be master in this scenario, who initiates run command, etc. I normally record free time or use op-1 as the click and keep all synced elements on those tapes until I transfer into logic.

For anyone interested in taking a look at all the Send and Insert FX that are available on the TX-6, I made a pretty in-depth demo of them all. Hope it helps anyone curious about that aspect of the device!


I got these the other day to attenuate the return from an aux send which was a bit hot. Worked well tonight.


How’s the build quality? I tend to use the Koma attenuators (which have the benefit of being skinny plugs) but they tend to feel a little cheesy and I’ve had a couple disassemble on me along the way. How do you think these will hold up over time?

pack of two for $6. They feel like 90s walkman quality. We’ll see!

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