Teenage Engineering TX-6

Is there a more dedicated forum or discord for TE Field users? Also, TP7 inspo?


there’s a TE discord with a field channel :cowboy_hat_face:


Twenty characters of TYSM!


I had checked here as well. Maybe something I’m looking for is a study group of people who have the new field devices.

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Did a little how-to on using the TX-6’s Aux Send & Return setup. Hope it helps somebody, someday lol.


I’m looking for a portable mixer/recorder set-up and have been thinking about the Tx-6 or the bluebox. What makes you want to move on from the bluebox?

  1. The blue box is susceptible to static bursts in the environment that I’m working with it in. When I sit up from my chair, it causes a loud popping sound to come through the speakers.

  2. The TX – 6 has a headset, mic input, and I’m trying to do more narrated content.

  3. the TX - 6 is smaller and takes up less room on my desk.

  4. the TX - 6 can plug directly into my phone and provide audio when shooting video.

I will say I like the flexibility of the reverb and delay on the 1010. The TX - 6 It’s pretty lacking in the effects department. I mean they’re there, but they are entirely non-adjustable which seems like a total miss. There are even unused button combos on the FX pages.

The buttons on my 1010 have always been problematic. I contacted 1010 immediately when I received it and they literally told me that’s just the way that they are. I have to press the button on the left side in a very specific an exact way in order for it to work. This is something that has mentioned on their forums and there are various work arounds for it. Think OP-Z double trigs as a reference.

Neither devices are perfect for me. Like many people I’m constantly rotating my cast of gear in search of some thing that I will probably never find. I guess that’s why I started making my own stuff. :slight_smile: