Teenage Engineering x IKEA FREKVENS

hello all! i typed up my thoughts on the recent TE release over here:

but i’d say that in light of recent controversy surrounding the company’s products, frekvens is a return to form- everything i loved about TE in the first place, back and better than ever. i wonder if the huge machine that is IKEA helped them iron out any manufacturing issues they’ve maybe had with their own in house releases. i loved all the accessories they made for the op-1, and this kind of feels like the same kind of fun and creative thinking with the design choices here. now we just need to get them to officially release that little red dancing robot…


Oh god. I hope they show up at my local Ikea.

Interesting. I’m now keen to check out the speakers once/if they hit Australia. I figured it’d be a typical case of TE form over function, but it’s good to know that they’re decent.

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Thanks for your review. What about the vinyl player which was on some early photos? Couldn’t find much info about that.

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Awesome - I’m super interested in the lights. I couldn’t find anything on ikeas website for frekvens though. What ikea location did you find them at?

The turntable was pulled from the launch, it’s not releasing as far as I know.

As well I was told frekvens would not be online on their website at all. There is a promotional.pdf floating around though.

I got the collection in Las Vegas. Spent way too long on the phone with IKEA customer service yesterday trying to track down more light cover accessories. Seems not every location has released yet in USA, and some locations not releasing. Stock numbers at each store are crazy low.

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Such a shame these are not available. Is it specifically trying to make them a limited edition? Doesn’t feel very ikea!

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artificial scarcity, along with lousy/cheap build quality, is often par for the course for collabs between big industrialists and niche designers (see every uniqlo collaboration with an indie line for example). and it’s very much an ikea convention, just look at their off-white collabs or the annual “art collection”

No luck at Mall of America ikea, however I didn’t go home completely empty handed…


I heard Minnesota is stocking sometime in the next two weeks so don’t give up looking!

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Wow. Will call Ikea UK tomorrow.

Do you know where i can find this promotional PDF? It’s hard to find any current info about this…

Yes this is all 0% available in France by the look of it, and if they just made those to be able to claim they made it but with no intention of actually selling them so we can’t have access to it I won’t run around in a frenzy trying to track them down, I’d feel a bit weird doing that.

It looks interesting as a concept (since by the look of it for most of us that’s what it’ll remain) anyhow!

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Promotional pdf
FREKVENS_PR KIT_final.pdf (2.9 MB)


I have an OD-11 that makes a great plant stand/wall decoration as it no longer plays music. The amp and speaker work fine - there is some sort of issue with the BT hardware/firmware that interferes with any kind of playback (even with it plugged in). They were unable to offer any support whatsoever since I’m based in the US. I guess Ikea is going to be supporting these?

europe is getting a release on either feb. 7 or feb. 20 as far as i can tell.


my friend in the twin cities just said an employee quoted a release there for feb. 1, my sources yesterday indicated it would be sooner than that though…

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if you’re in USA right now then its releasing now and not in feb., though the swedish release is feb. 7 at least.

Some of the none teenage stuff is pretty cool… An IKEA cajon? Why not!


Considering getting that small speaker just for the novelty and price, not necessarily because I need it. Has there ever been a bluetooth speaker of similar quality or brand pedigree priced at just $20? I suspect they will fly off the shelves with impulse buyers based on that price point alone.

Major kudos to them for including 3.5mm line in on all of these, by the way, leaving the door open for us portable gear musicians and buskers. (Hell, at that price, I could afford to have a tiny speaker on dedicated duty for each of my synths)

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