Teensy 3.1 OSC based controller

I’m looking at the Teensy 3.1 to make an OSC based controller.

I found this:

Are you aware of any other resources that you feel may be helpful?

do you mean that you want to build a device, based on teensy, which acts as a virtual serial device over USB, and speaks some subset of the OSC content spec (in other words, a device that behaves basically like monome controllers) ?

in that case, i’d say the trickiest bit will be the serial USB code. fortunately there is a PJRC demo for that, maybe you’ve already seen:

then you will implement your content format on top of that. if you want your controller to behave like a monome device it should implement the serialosc format:

, but maybe you have something else in mind.

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SuperDuper resources zebra. Thank you so much. Bouncing around some ideas with friends. Two friends want to replace their Korg NanoKontrol v1 & v2.
I want to arrive at something similar to a Grid but 32 x 16.
Another friend is looking at this modular idea:


well if you you are ok with 8-bit control resolution and you want to make a MIDI instead of OSC device then it becomes much easier from a programming perspective

Ah, well no, I am not ok with midi. I feel midi is long overdue to be replaced. The low resolution both in time and value domain is often very frustrating. I use an iPad running Lemur sending OSC now and I’ve stopped using midicontrollers. OSC is the bees knees.
I just posted that palette thing because it utilizes the idea of a modular controller which is something I find appealing.