Tehn - gnostics

a decade’s dust. witness the rise and fall, a civilization’s worth of creative tools and machinery. the sediment of a lost heaven, universal shipwreck. ten years ago while traveling i came upon an old copy of jacques lacarriere’s the gnostics, a strange attractor. weird poetic phrases resonated, a body of unfinished recordings grew. each attached to a place or person or moment. what is finishing, anti-enlightenment, knowing more but actually less. war and nutrition, intervening archons: operating systems, social media, techno-utopianism. blurry realities blocking the path forward, looking beyond, no path. just here. an embodying and not dividing force, the ash and the stars.


  1. nothing
  2. the second circle
  3. the serpent
  4. aeon
  5. sleep
  6. the circle of dark fire
  7. pneuma
  8. gnosis
  9. wide awake
  10. the ash and the stars
  11. silence as antimatter


process notes

parts of this collection come from very different years, with very different approaches and instruments and intentions. these recordings accumulated weight the longer they hid away. a strange sort of weight. refusing to be deleted, but preventing sustained momentum for other exploration. i’m glad to finally share with you this peculiar energy.

  • most of these began as chance captured improvisations, as i’m not good at remembering to record.
  • some are process music, unfolding with some predetermined structure with unexpected results.
  • one is a soundtrack for a friends’ dance-circus piece. (waiting for permission to share).
  • one was made while falling asleep.
  • a couple are monotonously multitracked and meticulously layered with maximum neuroticism.
  • a large number of oh-absolutely-surely-to-be-included tracks were deleted.
  • there is field recording. i cannot take credit for nature’s sounds, or the weather.
  • parts of some have been played live in many countries over many years (one felt like it was melting a sound system in finland)
  • one i don’t remember making.

most use some sort of software or hardware i’ve made, but that’s never been the focus. the tools should get out of the way.

the tool list: norns, mlr, grid, arc, aleph, juno 106, re-201 space echo, op-1, aalto, mangrove(s), three sisters, rip, ansible/kria, ms-20, bitwig, meadowphysics, ozone, colorbox, youtube, usi pro, paper and pens, barn as resonator, wind, forest

thank you @kelli_cain @instantjuggler @Galapagoose @objectgroup @zebra

what a relief.

ps. additional imagery at nnnnnnnn.co


purchased - congratulations on the release!

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lovin those deep-bass hits on serpent, gnosis, and second-circle, and that ash-and-stars got the bright and sunny uplift i crave. nice work! congrats! :sparkler: :fireworks: :sparkles:

wat?! which ones?! which ones?! :ear:


cannot wait to listen

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Congrats! And thanks for sharing your notes.

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So excited to listen to this!!

Thank you.


Looking forward to checking this out. That image of the rock is stunning!

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is anyone else kinda overwhelmed with emotion about this???

i need to spend time with the songs now but just the presentation & their existence is heartening


looking forward to listening!

those photos are beautiful! is that shale formations?

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great work :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is lovely. I’m going to stick my neck out here and guess the track you made whilst falling asleep is ‘Sleep’ :wink:


Hey! You did it! It’s here! It exists! When you said soon I didn’t realize you meant this soon- I’m actually in Tampere right now, gonna take a walk downtown and listen and remember… :heart::woman_juggling::alien:


Sitting here drinking some coffee, looking outside at a fresh dump of snow, and listening to “sleep”. Everything feels just right. :heart:


beautiful work @tehn! a wonderful soundtrack to my morning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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so good to hear new tehn, thank you

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Thanks for sharing this. As someone who has developed a bit of hoarding tendencies with music I’ve made (trying to figure the right “record” to “release” it with, etc.), I can definitely identify with this:

a strange sort of weight. refusing to be deleted, but preventing sustained momentum for other exploration.

And it’s great you’ve been able to release it, congratulations for that! The results are beautiful.


similar to looking out the window of a moving auto
so much territory so quickly going by

nice stuff


such a beautiful wander through a soundscape.

there’s a wonderful, sparse focus to this that defines so much of your music. thank you for sharing your hard drive deep cuts with us.


this was a pleasant surprise.

god damn, so good dude.

going to spend some time with this and write something more substantial later, but yeah you’ve got something special here. :sparkles:

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thank you all for the positivity. :star:

happy to discuss any particulars while these are fresh (believe me, i will forget the details eventually)

images from iceland. they feel like the geologic version of early warp idm art, sharp and pointy— i’ll have to try digging for that recollection

@rajaTheResidentAlien asleep (nothing) don’t remember (sleep)

@jlmitch5 “digital hoarding” has been on my mind a lot recently, not just unfinished music… but, another thread perhaps

@instantjuggler tampere!! what’s the name of the venue? it was so loud i can’t believe you were catching still.

ps. if you want to read erik davis on gnostic psychedelia