Tehn tour?

Are you passing through Flagstaff,AZ at all? If so I’d like to say hi if possible. I could also maybe book a show for you.

Can I request an SLC UT show too?

Also Belfast, Northern Ireland :slightly_smiling:

Indeed. Was disappointed to learn Id missed Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe when he was in Dublin.

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North of France or Belgium please ?

this southwestern US / northern ireland tour is going to be HUGE


Could try to book in the north east of france as well !

Are there tour dates posted anywhere?

No, I believe he is just playing one show in San Fransisco for now

Looks like you could easily pull off a world tour sir.

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a reminder to the LA folks: kelli and brian will be performing at machine project on the 17th.

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LA and SF for shows. spending time with family and friends in between. perhaps some day, a more densely scheduled “tour”

van living is ok, i must say


philly baltimore dc someday?