Teletype 1.1 beta

i’m calling this beta to encourage the bravest users to give it a go first (and report issues). final by the end of the week. much testing has already happened, and lots of new code in there.

CAUTION your scenes will be erased on update. if you type out your scenes first into a text editor, you’ll be able to re-import them via usb flash drive.




  • NEW usb flash drive read/write
  • NEW SCRIPT OP for scripted execution of other scripts!
  • NEW ORCA II control
  • NEW MUTE and UNMUTE OPS for disabling trigger input
  • NEW hotkeys for MUTE toggle per input (meta-shift-number)
  • NEW screen indication in live mode for MUTE status
  • NEW SCALE OP for scaling number from one range to another
  • NEW JI OP just intonation helper
  • NEW STATE OP to read current state of input triggers 1-8 (low/high = 0/1)
  • NEW keypad executes scripts (works for standalone usb keypads and full-sized keyboards)
  • NEW KILL OP clears delays, stack, cv slews, pulses
  • NEW hotkey meta+ESC executes KILL
  • NEW ABS OP absolute value, single argument
  • NEW FLIP OP variable which changes state (0/1) on each read
  • NEW O OPS: O.MIN, O.MAX, O.WRAP, O.DIR for counter range control
  • NEW TR.POL specifies the polarity of TR.PULSE
  • NEW if powered down in tracker mode, will power up in tracker mode
  • IMP TR.PULSE retrigger behavior now predictable
  • IMP mode switch keys more consistent (not contanstly resetting to live mode)
  • FIX bug in command history in live mode
  • FIX EXP OP now exists
  • FIX P and PN parse error
  • FIX possible crash on excess length line entry
  • FIX CV wrapping with negative CV.OFF values
  • FIX INIT script executed now on keyboardless scene recall
  • FIX Q.AVG overflow no more
  • FIX P.PUSH will fully fill a pattern
  • FIX CV.SET followed by slewed CV in one command works
  • FIX DEL 0 no longer voids command


(upon flashing new firmware, you’ll need to reboot to re-enable usb host.)

  • USB DRIVE: FAT32 flash drive must be inserted at power-up. all scenes in flash will be written TT??S.TXT to the root, where ?? is the scene number. any files labelled TT??.TXT will be read to flash at the scene position ??. the file format is text, human readable. i wouldn’t suggest doing complicated editing as the USB read doesn’t report syntax errors-- it just bails on that script. this feature is primarily intended for sharing scenes on the internet and backup.
  • SCRIPT x - run script x (1-8 only) has infinite loop detection.
  • MUTE x and UNMUTE x will disable/enable external script trigger inputs. also tied to hotkeys meta+shift+(1-8). cool display in LIVE mode.
  • SCALE a b x y i - scale number i from range a-b to range x-y : (i * (y-x)/(b-a) )
  • JI x y - just intonation helper-- ratio divider normalized to 1v with maximum precision
  • STATE x - read the trigger state (script input voltage) for inputs 1-8 (read as 0/1)
  • keypad executes scripts. standalone usb keypads can be used as a simple script trigger.
  • KILL clears stack, clears delays, cancels pulses, cancels slews. hotkey meta-ESC
  • ABS x returns the absolute value of x
  • FLIP special variable returns inverted state on each read (also settable)
  • AND, OR, XOR - logical ops do logical things (take two args, return one)
  • O.MIN, O.MAX, O.WRAP, O.DIR - range control for special var O
  • TR.POL x - polarity for TR.PULSE

whoa. that really is a lot of stuff. enjoy! all reports appreciated.


one cool thing fixed. this now works for saw envelopes:

(with CV.SLEW 0 500 already executed)

CV.SET 1 V 10
CV 1 0

each time this command pair is executed you’ll get an envelope.

now modulate V 10, slew, etc. yeah!



will try and update in the next couple of days and give it a whirl, but barely time to scratch myself at the moment

Nice. I’ll try this tomorrow. Weirdly excited about logic ops.

logic ops paired with the ability to read trigger input states, yeah?

i haven’t made music with this new update yet.

remote script execution, oy

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This all sounds brilliant. Can’t wait to dive in, about to join the party!

@tehn: i believe the plan was to include the orca commands into the next firmware as well.
are they part of this 1.1 version? can’t see them in the changelog.
in any case, exceptional update!

yep, they’ve been there for a while now! and i just updated the firmware and tried it and it works. now, where to start with this awesome update…

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Amazing !!!
So happy for SCALE, FLIP, SCRIPT and MUTE.
Installing right now, testing for the next few hours.

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  • Why not MUTE a b with a for destination and b for state instead of 2 different messages ?
  • i don’t get how to use O.WRAP----EDIT : i think i got it. O.WRAP 1 (default) enables wraping between O.MIN and O.MAX, doesn’t it ?
  • A bug : set DRUNK.MIN 100. DRUNK returns 0 (or whatever the previous MIN was) the first time. Then it sets to 100.


Damn. Damn.

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I was wondering about that, thanks for the heads up!

(these are sure more than enough improvements for the first update, but just wondering:)
how about reading values from trilogy ?

i can’t test that since my MP and WW are in another case, but i don’t see any change about this.

Is it me or is your WW II communication also broken? TT doesn’t seem to communicate at all with WW. ES works fine.

  • another Bug :
    a variable assigned to something scaled would always start at 0.
    For instance :
    X SCALE 0 16383 3 10 PARAM
    would produce values from 0 to 7 instead of 3 to 10.

Wow this is very exciting - playing a gig tomorrow night so will wait until after then to give it a shot. Thanks for all your work on this!

this is great. I’ll have to find that USB cable…

How exactly would one use the JI OP?

Yes. This. Exactly this :smiley:

i apologize for not posting this at the top. will add.

one thing you CAN do-- type out your scenes (into a text editor) and you can re-import them after the update.